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Edmonton Business Coach | Use The MVP System

Edmonton Business Coach | Use The MVP System

Become MVP by working with the Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching. MVP stands for minimum viable product and can be found in the popular book the four hour workweek by Tim Ferris.

A lot of the Edmonton business coach clients that we work with suffer from the paralysis by analysis epidemic. They struggle over colours or logo design before launching their products and services online. A hard truth that we have to share with people is that your logo isn’t that important enough to hinder you from getting started.

Nothing happens until someone sells something. It’s always better to talk to people and get your product into the marketplace so you can adjust your product offering and your services to what people need.

You can’t assume that because you like your product and service that the customers are going to feel the same way. It’s always easier to make adjustments along the way than it is to try and devise in your mind what the perfect product will be.

We work with a lot of entrepreneurs and their own surprised how much effort it takes to start a new business get off the ground. As an Edmonton business coach, we are more than happy to share with them the truth about being an entrepreneur.

Reality is that you’re going spending between 60 and 80 hours a week working on your business in the first several years. There is no reward without sacrifice and you have to prepare yourself mentally for the challenge ahead.

It is much easier to build a business around something that your passion about because the long hours at required won’t seem as long. The problem is that most discipline required to work long hours at something that they hate to do or if there isn’t a clearly defined why behind what they’re doing.

These entrepreneurs typically quit and go back to working for somebody else or they jump from project to project without ever sticking with something long enough to be successful at it.

Industry Canada says that 15% of businesses fail in year one, 30% by year two and 50% by year five. This is completely avoidable and unacceptable. Starting a new business isn’t easy, but you can do it.

You have to decide early on what things you are willing to cut out of your life and were to work these long hours and become successful. You may be someone who spends five hours a day watching television or playing video games. You might be someone who says yes to many different volunteering opportunities and you may have to take a break from that in order to build a strong and viable business.

Many people don’t like to accept this fact but your time freedom will come at a cost. You have to think a bit like planting a field of grain. You so the grain into the ground and then there is a waiting period from when you reap the harvest.

Edmonton business coach | 40 hours is just the start

40 hours a week is only part-time for your Edmonton business coach. The reason we don’t have miles of people knocking down our door is because we say popular things like you have to work 80 hours a week to be successful.

It may sound funny, but it’s true. A lot of people think that becoming an entrepreneur is so easy that anybody can do it. A lot of people when they get started, they quit their job wanting to have more free time to do things they like.

The harsh reality is it’s going take more time to build a viable and sustainable business than it does to be an employee. If you are someone with a family, you have to get their buy-in early on so they understand that you are going to have to sacrifice time away from them in order to create more time freedom in the future.

As an Edmonton business coach, we encourage people to create a rigid work schedule so that you get all of the things that your business requires done while you’re at work so you can schedule fun time with your family. We’ve adopted the strategy of another business coach by having five goals for your life. Those F5 goals are faith, family, fitness finance, and fun.

By establishing what these goals are for your life you can schedule in time to do things that are important to you and not waste time on mindless activities that don’t satisfy. The people who develop cell phone applications develop them to make you addicted to them. The bells and whistles that go off are only intended to attract your attention away from your life. The same people by design these apps are the same people that you develop the slot machines in Vegas.

By cutting these things out of your life you will have more time freedom for the things that truly matter in your life. Yes he will be worth hours a week, but you have to hundred 68 hours to deal with. There are plenty of hours in the day to spend time with your family that are meaningful hours not just sitting in front of the TV mindlessly ignoring your family.

Work with an Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching and we will help you develop systems and processes to automate your business and have it serve you, rather than you becoming a slave to it.

The goal for any small business owner should be to work less hours and have time freedom to do things that they truly want to do and care about. Your business should serve you and not the other way around. The important thing to understand is that it’s going to take several years perfecting the systems and processes to make your business successful.

Give us a call today and see how we can help you.

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