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Edmonton Business Coach | The Work Life Balance of an Entrepreneur

Edmonton Business Coach | The Work Life Balance of an Entrepreneur

One of the biggest myths that many entrepreneurs believe as they start their own business says Edmonton business coach, is that it is possible to have great work life balance as an entrepreneur. While it is possible, entrepreneurs should understand that this is actually more of a long-term goal that they should work towards in their business, and not a short-term goal.

One of the reasons why this is such a big myth, is because most new entrepreneurs leverage their time in order to accomplish all of the most important tasks of their business, to make up for a lack of money. The second reason is, because entrepreneurs tend to underestimate the time required for all of the most important tasks in their business.

One of the most typical ways that entrepreneurs use their time in their business because of the lack of money, is for their sales and marketing efforts. Edmonton business coach says that because entrepreneurs often are very low on funds, they utilize all of the free marketing that they can including attending networking events, cold calling, and utilizing word-of-mouth.

However, one of the problems with this is that many entrepreneurs do not put enough time into this type of sales and marketing in their business, and that it can become so easy to put less time in as their business grows.

This can be an extremely detrimental thing to their business, because as their sales and marketing efforts start to pay off, they stop doing them so that they can service their clients, which means their business starts to stall out, and they need to get back to their networking and cold calling.

Edmonton business coach says that this method of start and stop marketing actually takes more time in the long run and if an entrepreneur would have been consistent in their marketing efforts from the beginning.

In order to help an entrepreneur ensure that they are not only putting enough time into their sales and marketing efforts, but that they do not let it slide as they get busy, Edmonton business coach recommends that an entrepreneur creates a time block schedule, with regularly timeslots devoted to all of their sales and marketing initiatives.

This is one thing that even as large as a business can grow, needs to always have time devoted to, so that an entrepreneur never risks stalling their business out. And certainly, as the entrepreneur grows their business, they may change what sales and marketing their doing, moving away from networking and cold calling, to sales and marketing efforts that cost to put more money, and take less time, but it is still important that the time is devoted to ensuring that those tasks get done in the business.

By being consistent with their sales and marketing efforts, entrepreneurs can ensure that their growing their business efficiently and effectively, so that they can work towards that long-term goal of a work life balance. In the short term however, entrepreneurs are going to be leveraging their time in order to accomplish the most important goals of the business, so that they can have a solid foundation to be able to have that work life balance in the long run.

Edmonton business coach | the work life balance of an entrepreneur

If business owners believe that they are going to be able to have a lot of free time on their hands revenue in their business says Edmonton business coach, they may be in for a rude awakening. The reason is because entrepreneurs often underestimate the time required to doing a lot of the additional tasks needed to grow their business.

Since entrepreneurs usually do not have any prior business ownership experience, they are not adequately prepared for the time required to accomplish a lot of the tasks in their business. While they can work towards having more free time in their life, the first few years of business ownership is crucial to ensure that they get all of the tasks needed to grow their business, so that they can have a successful business that will allow them free time in the future.

Many entrepreneurs do not even take into consideration most of the administrative tasks that are going to need to be accomplished in their new business. Things such as placing service orders, creating systems, checklists and templates, developing phone and email scripts, creating training manuals, as well as accounting tasks all take more time than many entrepreneurs realize.

If they think that they can get it done in their free time, Edmonton business coach says that many entrepreneurs will find that even in their free time, that does not give them enough time to accomplish these things. In addition to that, trying to get accomplished in free time means that an entrepreneur is lacking focus, which can end up taking more time, as well as ensuring that an entrepreneur can get it done as well as it should be done.

Not only do the administrative tasks needs to get done, also, many entrepreneurs do not take into consideration some of the other tasks that need to get done in the business as well. Such as recruiting staff, training staff, and creating checklists and templates to allow an entrepreneur to scale up their business.

One of the most important things that an entrepreneur needs to realize, is not only are these things very necessary to get done in the business, but there also going to take more to get done they can get accomplished in a forty hour work week says Edmonton business coach. In addition to servicing their clients, doing sales and marketing, and developing their product, entrepreneurs going to need to devote more forty hours a week to get these tasks accomplish.

By creating a schedule, can help an entrepreneur ensure that there is time set aside for all of the most important priorities in the business, with enough time to actually accomplish them. In addition to that, he can help an entrepreneur ensure that they have a regularly scheduled time to go home and spend time with their family, so that they can manage a much longer work week in their use to.

When entrepreneurs create a time schedule, they will be able to get all of the most important tasks done. This is going to allow entrepreneurs to build a strong business, that is going to be able to allow them to enjoy a work life balance in the future. And until then, they can enjoy the scheduled family time that they run into their schedule, to carry them until that time.

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