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Edmonton Business Coach | The Cold Hard Truth

Edmonton Business Coach | The Cold Hard Truth

Your Edmonton business coach is here to share with you the cold hard truth about entrepreneurship. There are many things that you read online about entrepreneurship that 90% are just not true.

There are so-called gurus who will tell you that nursing this easy, and that you will reach six figures a month and beyond if you’ll just follow their program. These type of people are not the ones you should be taking your advice from. People you should be speaking with real entrepreneurs, build a real businesses, and help real people.

The Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching will help you grow business that is both scalable, and scalable. Your businesses designed to serve you, not the other way around. If you are not receiving the time freedom and financial freedom that you had always hoped of with your business, then get in touch with us at 780-937-2939 and schedule a one hour consultation with a business coach.

We want to go through all the different aspects of your business and see if you are good fit for us, and if we are good fit for you. For only one dollar you receive four weeks of premium coaching from inspired method marketing and coaching.

One of the cold hard truth about entrepreneurship is that you will be taken advantage of by some customers. Not everybody has great morals, or share the same values that you do. Some people are in it just for themselves and don’t care if they hurt somebody along the way. There many times people will take advantage of your kindness, and your commitment to excellent service.

That’s okay, the majority of people are good people, who understand the value hard work, and appreciate a job well done. Don’t sweat the low percentage of people who do take advantage of you, just make sure that you are doing an outstanding job for everyone of your clients so that you receive a great Google review.

Another aspect of entrepreneurship that people are often disillusioned about is that they can do everything themselves better. This may be true and it comes to doing the physical work, which is the reason many business owners get started in the first place.

There are excellent technicians yet when it comes to managing people, creating templates and checklists, or managing finances they simply don’t know what to do.

That’s okay, business isn’t meant to be so low task. Businesses much more rewarding and fun when you have a team of people helping you. If you want to grow in scale, you have to have a team of people on your team were pulling in the same direction.

If you need help growing your team then you need to speak with an Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching. We will give you four weeks of premier coaching and marketing assistance for only one dollar. Reach out to us at 780-937-2939 for free consultation.

Edmonton business coach | more lessons from an entrepreneur

There are so many things that we have learned as an Edmonton business coach when helping new business owners.

Inspired method marketing coaching is comprised of a number of experienced entrepreneurs and business advisors who have proven their ability to grow multiple small businesses.

If you’re interested in growing your business, then reach out to us at 780-937-2939, or click the get started button on her website and fill out the form. We’ll be more than happy to schedule a free consultation and put you in our calendar for four weeks of premier coaching with an Edmonton business coach.

One of the hard truths that people need to understand when owning a business is that you can’t work whenever you like. Many people earn of the misconception that you can choose whatever hours of work you desire. The misconception that you can catch up on work later in the evening at home is lie that many small businesses fall prey to.

If you get behind on your paperwork, your sales calls, or marketing efforts, you do not have the time in the evening to make up for some of these things.

Making sales calls in the middle of the night just isn’t practical. Usually, people are tired at the end of their working day and don’t have the mental capacity to continue working at high level. The best time to get things done is early in the morning when you’re starting your day. This is when you have the most cognitive power and ability and are able work with clarity and focus.

Another misconception that new entrepreneurs have is that they will be able to enjoy the same lifestyle that they had when they were working for somebody else right away. This is not the truth. Take it from an Edmonton business coach who is been there and done that.

It will take a number of years for you to get to the same income level that you enjoyed as an employee. There are a number of expenses, taxes, and other things that you did not take into account before you started your business. This is something that not everybody falls prey to, but it does happen quite often.

This is one of the reasons why small businesses fail. They run out of cash and are unable to continue with their dream of being a business owner. This is something that we want to help small businesses with.

If you need help acquiring customers, maintaining cash flow, building a team, then we want to help you with your business.

Contact inspired method marketing and coaching by clicking on the get started button and filling out the form. You can also call us at 780-937-2939 for free consultation on the phone or in person with a coach. We will put you on a schedule four weeks of coaching for only one dollar.

If you don’t want to commit to a full month of coaching then come to one of our free business boot camps.

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