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Edmonton Business Coach | Social Proof Metrics

Edmonton Business Coach | Social Proof Metrics

Knowing social proof metrics is one of the things that we help our businesses at the Edmonton business coach source, inspired method marketing. Social proof, quite simply put is what other people think about your business. Not only what other people think about your business, but what they’re saying about your business online.

Social media is a very powerful tool when it comes to social proof and people getting a good idea for your business is all about, but it is not the place where we put all of our focus and attention on.

Large businesses need to have a good handle on their social profile and public relations. Great places for this are Twitter and Facebook, and Instagram. Having somebody that is actively managing your reputation online is something that you can do once you become more well-established, and have a solid footing with Google.

As the Edmonton business coach, the main KPI that we are looking for our objective Google reviews. Having an objective Google review would invite client is something that is worth its weight in gold. Because according to forms 88% of people read reviews before making a buying decision.

That means 88% of your customers that come to you more than likely took a look at a Google review before they decided to make a purchase with you. That’s why we take the time to properly optimize a Google my business location, and we help you with strategies to get more and more of those Google reviews.

Being in Edmonton business coach, is not just talking about your feelings or what your mental space is like on that particular day, we help you with practical advice that is tried-and-true by not just us, but by many of the most successful businesses in North America.

So if you are to have a Google my business listing for your business and it is optimized the next step for you is to make sure that you get the most Google reviews out of anyone in your particular industry. You can easily do this by first taking a look at all your competitors in your local area.

Look at how many reviews they have, and then make it your goal to do double what they have so that even if they are coming after you, you are so far ahead that there’s no way they can ever catch up to you.

So many Google reviews does it take? The minimum number of Google reviews that you should have on your listing, is 40. This is only the starting place. You need to be talking to your staff on getting as many Google reviews as possible with their name attached to it.

Every time that a customer interacts with a staff member, and they have a great experience with your business, they should be asking for that objective Google review from that happy customer right there. It is not enough to leave it up to the public to leave you a good five-star Google review.

Edmonton business coach | be proactive not reactive

Being in Edmonton business coach we see business owners make a lot of mistakes when it comes to managing their Google reviews. A lot of businesses leave Google reviews up to the customer and never think that non-customers will leave a review.

Yeah it’s true, there’s a lot of other business owners who are your competition that want to damage your online reputation. That’s why you need to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to gathering those reviews.

When it comes to being in Edmonton business coach, we get a lot of resistance from our clients when it comes to gathering objective Google reviews. It’s not the people don’t want to get those Google reviews, it’s that they feel uncomfortable asking for those reviews.

To me this seems very silly. If someone you have just helped out with the product or service, and they’ve had a great experience with their business why wouldn’t you want to ask them to leave a review so that other people who are looking for the same service can see what a customer has said about your business?

When somebody has a great experience with your business this is the perfect opportunity to ask for the Google review. Because reviews are based on a motion. When someone is ticked off, they are more likely to get online and be a keyboard warrior and attack your business, or attack you personally via reviews or your social media pages. This is why we tell our customers to get ahead of it and be proactive when you’re getting those Google reviews.

There are other ways that the Edmonton business coach helps businesses get Google reviews. You can send out emails after you’ve already asked someone for review in person, just as a reminder that they promised to send you that Google review. You can also incentivize your staff to ask for more Google reviews.

Incentivizing your staff members to get Google reviews is a very powerful way to get more and more reviews. We have to do is have a script in place for your employees to use that asks for a Google review while the customer is in front of them. They also have to make sure that the customer manages their name in the Google review. Why is this the US? Because you will offer employees a cash reward or time off or something valuable to them when they get that Google review.

So many businesses don’t do this, and as to their detriment. They don’t see the value in getting these reviews but we know that having the most objective Google reviews is one of the ways that you win with search engine optimization. Just like word-of-mouth worked before the advent of the Internet, reviews are the way that people get an idea of how they’re going to be treated when they interact with your company.

You have to understand that the customer is the boss. They can fire you simply by choosing to spend their money somewhere else. Business is a full contact sport and if you’re not in it when it, you’re going to find yourself as a statistic. 50% of all small businesses fail from the first five years.

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