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Edmonton Business Coach | Small Business Avatar

Edmonton Business Coach | Small Business Avatar

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You might be asking yourself, what is a small business avatar? Or not talking about the blockbuster hit by James Cameron avatar, were talking about your ideal and likely buyer. This may come as a surprise to you, but not everybody is your ideal likely buyer.

When we are meeting with our Edmonton business coach clients, they often tell us that everybody is there perfect customer. Even though they are super excited about their products and services, we have to tell them the hard truth that not everybody is good to be as excited about their business as they are. Even their grandmother who allows them to pieces is probably not their ideal buyer.

So what we have to do as the Edmonton business coach, is walk them through the process of defining who their customer avatar is. Can there be more than one customer avatar? Yes there can be, but there will typically be some commonalities between them.

There are a number of questions that we ask our clients to try and get some insight into who that ideal buyer is. We want to not only understand who this buyer is by what they look like how much money they make or what gender they are, we want to find out more about what they’re thinking.

So yes we do ask the typical demographic questions such as: .1 what neighbourhood do they live in? .2 how much money they make ?.3 what kind of education do they have? .4 do you have a family?

We go beyond this we ask questions that get into what the ideal likely buyer thinks about. What are the causes that they care about. One of the publications and social media channels that they use.

We ask questions like what keeps them up at night? In other things that get into the psychology of who their ideal likely buyer is. By doing this exercise it sets up the next part of the process for clients to craft their no-brainer offer and other marketing initiatives to attract and speak to this ideal customer avatar.

This part of the process is where a lot of small businesses go wrong. They simply don’t take the time to work on their business because are too busy working in their business. This is why you need a coach to help guide you along the pathway of entrepreneurship. It’s not enough to just start a business, you need to have somebody in your corner who is working with you, partnering with you, to help you grow.

Edmonton business coach | just do it

Every time we meet with our Edmonton business coach clients, we are embarking on a virtuous endeavour. It is our goal and mission to inspire businesses to tell their unique story and attract raving fans. And the reason we want to do this is because the number one reason for business failure is the inability to attract customers.

In order to attract customers clients have to understand their ideal & likely buyer is. Not only that but they also have to understand that they are knocking to be an overnight success.

It’s going to be a long hard road to go from where they are to where they see themselves in the future. There’s going to be a lot of time invested in doing the work that it takes to create a successful small business. There’s going to be a lot of nights where they have to work late, or pull all nighters.

There’s going to be time spent away from family and friends, and special events, that when their work and their 9-to-5 job they could easily make time for.

As can be a lot of misunderstanding, possibly some arguments, and not every thing is going to go their way. This may sound all very bleak and depressing but it’s meant to give the hard truths about becoming a business owner. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

There are a lot of difficult things that you have to do when you’re starting a new business. And as the Edmonton business coach, it wouldn’t be fair to just tell the bright side of entrepreneurship.

A lot of the so-called gurus that you find online who are trying to sell courses or seminars and get you into their final to buy more their courses and books and seminars, prey on people’s emotions insecurities and greed.

The trying paint the picture that your life sucks right now, by taking my course or program your life will be transformed into the miracle life. And all it takes is coming to my course and buying my stuff and you’ll magically transform into a millionaire.

Now they don’t actually say these things but after seeing a number of these presentations in my life I’ve come to see through a lot of the lies that are being told in the tens of thousands of dollars that people are spending and not seeing any change happen in their lives.

This is not what we do at inspired method marketing and coaching. We have researched tested and adopted all of the systems and processes that we teach our Edmonton business coach clients every single day.

If they didn’t work we would not teach them to our clients. And the best part about what we do, is we are working alongside with you on your business. You have a partner and a friend who is there to help you grow your business, develop your teams, and create the financial freedom and time freedom that you desire. Were not here to sell you hopes and dreams, we hear to sell you hard work and determination and discipline. That is the true path to success.

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