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Edmonton Business Coach | Should Entrepreneurs Work 5 days a Week

Edmonton Business Coach | Should Entrepreneurs Work 5 days a Week

One of the reasons why many entrepreneurs decide to go into business for themselves says Edmonton business coach, is because they want to control their schedule, and to be able to have free time in their life. However this should be a long-term goal and not a short-term goal. The reason why, is because when business owners start business for the first time, they have time than money, and they need to leverage their time for tasks that need to get done, because they do not have enough money to pay somebody else to do it.

In fact, when entrepreneurs are starting their business, they often underestimate how much certain tasks are going to take them. Administrative tasks for example are something that most entrepreneurs do not think of when they first start their business. Creating systems, making checklists and templates, creating call and email scripts for themselves and employees, trading their staff and creating training audios and manuals as well as accounting tasks all end up taking entrepreneurs far more time than they initially realize. Edmonton business coach says that once an entrepreneur gets into their business and service to see how much time these necessary tasks will take them, they start to realize that time freedom needs to be a long-term goal.

Another area of the business where entrepreneurs often underestimate time is the marketing of their business. In fact, while most brand-new entrepreneurs tend to do a lot of networking, which is very time intensive, most entrepreneurs also do not put enough time in to their marketing efforts, especially at the start of their new business. Edmonton business coach says one of the biggest hurdles that new entrepreneurs often face, is that as their company gains momentum and starts generating more sales, business owners often stop marketing in order to focus on servicing their clients, and they lose all of the momentum that they gained in the beginning. This stop and start method of networking often ends up taking far more time than if they had been consistent from the start.

Business owners should also ensure that they are setting aside time to recruit and train staff. If they do not put time into recruiting staff on a regular basis, it will find that employees will leave, or their business will grow, and there in a bad position of not being able to replace those people or fill those spots easily. This can be detrimental to businesses, causing them to stall on their growth. And if they do not have the time to train their staff on a regular basis, the staff want to be improving, or know the expectations that they are being held to, which makes it difficult for an entrepreneur to grow their business with untrained staff.

It is extremely important that entrepreneurs realize as they start their new venture, that time freedom is a great goal to have, but it needs to be a long-term goal, because all of the necessary tasks that need to get accomplished in their business are going to take them more than forty hours, especially in the beginning.

Edmonton business coach | should entrepreneurs work five days a week

Time freedom is a great goal for entrepreneurs says Edmonton business coach, but it is not going to happen right away for most entrepreneurs. As entrepreneur is going to be able to work it into their schedule to eventually be able to take more time off, but as they grow their business, they will need to use their time to get the most important tasks of the business accomplished.

All of the important tasks that need to get done such as administration, accounting, marketing, training and recruiting staff and scaling up the business cannot get done in a forty hour work week. Therefore, it is very imperative for entrepreneurs to work in a six day a week schedule.

Edmonton business coach says that a six day a week work schedule will allow an entrepreneur to create a schedule in order to get all of the important tasks of the business accomplished. By creating this longer schedule, either in a weekly or monthly format is going to allow the entrepreneur to create all of the necessary time slots to get all of the most important tasks of the business done. Not just setting aside for marketing their business, administration, client work, staff training and recruiting, but also home time. Entrepreneurs need to value the time that they have at home as well, so writing it into a schedule is vitally important.

In the beginning, many entrepreneurs believe that they are going to be able to get some of the tasks like creating checklists and templates, or admin work accomplished in their free time.

Edmonton business coach says if an entrepreneur is not taking the free time that they have to spend time with their family, and recharge so that they can head into their coming week feeling rested, they often feel like their entire life involves work. In addition to feeling like they are always working, trying to get administrative tasks done well multitasking with their home life, means that they will be interrupted constantly, and that they will not have the time needed to focus on the task at hand, meaning they will end up doing a poor job of it ultimately. Tasks that they are doing need to have full concentration, so that they can get done efficiently and accurately.

By creating a long schedule that involves six days a week can give entrepreneurs the time they need to get all of the tasks that are important to get done says Edmonton business coach.

A schedule also ensures that no tasks are forgotten, and can help entrepreneurs from feeling overwhelmed. By ensuring that they have time set aside for family, can also be extremely important to help entrepreneurs feel less overwhelmed, and truly focus on their family time which will help them be able to keep up a six day work week. By doing this, entrepreneurs will be able to grow their business efficiently and effectively, and eventually work towards that time freedom that was what inspired them to become business owners for themselves in the first place.

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