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Edmonton Business Coach | Should Business Owners Work Weekends

Edmonton Business Coach | Should Business Owners Work Weekends

One of the things that entrepreneurs should get used to early on in their business ownership according to Edmonton business coach, is there going to have to work more than forty hours a week in order to get all of their important tasks done in order to grow business. In fact, rather than working a forty hour work week, entrepreneurs often have to work eighty hour work weeks, which makes it necessary for an entrepreneur to have to work six days a week.

While it may be a great goal for an entrepreneur to want to have more free time in their life, they should understand that as they grow their business, time freedom is not going to come early in their entrepreneurship. In order to ensure that they are accomplishing all of the most important tasks to grow their business, entrepreneurs will have to put in long weeks and long hours. Part of the reason is because entrepreneurs tend to underestimate how much time it is going to take to accomplish certain tasks like administrative duties such as accounting, customer service and inputting orders.

In addition to underestimating the time required certain things, Edmonton business coach says that some entrepreneurs often struggle at doing certain tasks consistently such as sales and marketing. It can be happy for entrepreneurs to fall into, but as their business gains momentum and starts to grow, business owners switch gears and start focusing on providing service to their clients, and put less effort into their sales and marketing. With this ends up doing, is it stalls their business, which will cause them to go back to focusing on sales and marketing. This start and stop method can end up taking more time for an entrepreneur to grow their business and if they were consistent from the start.

One of the most important things that an entrepreneur can do, is contact Edmonton business coach to help get a schedule created for their business that allows them to have all of the most important tasks scheduled, with the right amount of time devoted to each one. This way, an entrepreneur can ensure that they are not leaving out or forgetting about certain things, and that there giving themselves enough time to accomplish others. This is extremely important for entrepreneurs to do in order to ensure that they are doing all the right things to allow them to grow their business consistently and efficiently.

Their Edmonton business coach is going to be able to help them create an efficient and effective schedule that will have them working six days a week, so that they can get all of the most important priorities done in their business. In addition to working six days a week, entrepreneurs are going to have to put in longer an eight hour days, to give them the right amount of time slots in order to get all of the most important strategic priorities done in their business.

Edmonton business coach | should business owners work weekends

If entrepreneurs are starting their new business, because they are looking to have more free time says Edmonton business coach, they may not like hearing that an efficient schedule will have them working six days a week. While time freedom is a goal for many entrepreneurs, they should also understand that it needs to be a long-term goal of their business, because in the short term they need to be focused on growing their business, and all of the vital tasks necessary to do that.

One of the reasons why a schedule is so important, is because it will allow a business owner to not have to remember all the most important tasks that need to get done on a regular basis. By going to their Edmonton business coach, entrepreneurs can ensure that there creating a schedule for the full year, so that an entrepreneur does not have to think about what tasks need to go into the schedule. This will allow them to focus on getting the tasks accomplished, rather than creating a schedule.

Some of the most important things to include on the schedule include administrative tasks. The reason why, is because many entrepreneurs either failed to take into consideration these things that need to get accomplished, or they underestimate the time required. The sheer amount of administrative tasks needed to get done in a business can be overwhelming, however placing them in a schedule on a regular basis can make it a lot more manageable to accomplish. Creating efficiencies through checklists and templates so they can scale up their business, creating phone and email scripts will allow consistent customer service, as well as doing the accounting tasks necessary in their business, entrepreneurs can ensure that all administrative tasks are being taken care of.

It is also important that an entrepreneur ensures that they have time set aside in their schedule to recruit staff on a regular basis, so that they can ensure that they are always prepared to fill a job opening with great qualified people. Edmonton business coach says that as long as an entrepreneur has employees, they are going to have a need to replace those employees eventually, and being prepared for that eventuality is important. In addition to setting aside regular time to recruit staff, entrepreneurs also need regular time to train their staff, so that those staff can be continually growing and improving, so that the entrepreneur can have the best and most knowledgeable staff to help them grow their business.

One of the most important things for entrepreneurs to ensure it is great on the schedule that they develop their Edmonton business coach is ensuring that they have a regular and consistent home time. This will allow an entrepreneur the time needed to rest and relax, and see their family. This is extremely important and can help an entrepreneur feel rested in order to face the next week.

By creating an efficient and effective schedule, an entrepreneur can have a consistent six-day workweek that will allow them to get all of the most pertinent tasks done on their business, so that they can become successful, and work towards that long-term goal of having more free time in their life.

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