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Edmonton Business Coach | Myth Busting The 4 Hour Work Week

Edmonton Business Coach | Myth Busting The 4 Hour Work Week

With the busting entrepreneurial myths as your Edmonton business coach. The four-hour work week is one of those myths that we love to take apart. When people are starting a new small business, they typically don’t have the understanding of what it takes in order to create a successful small business.

A lot of people are under the misconception that because they saw some good online telling them that they can work for hours a week and live in the lap of luxury on the beaches of Maui, that they can do this as well.

The harsh reality is that when you quit your job in order to start a business, you were going to have to put in 60 to 80 hours a week creating a viable and successful business. This is not a popular message that people want to hear, but it’s the truth.

As an Edmonton business coach, we help business owners make the most of their schedule, so that they can build a business and enjoy their life at the same time. There are couple of the great takeaways that you can use from Tim Ferris’s book that can be very helpful in optimizing your schedule.

Batching tasks is always a great idea to optimize your effectiveness in your business. By batching to get the repeatable tasks you can get a months worth of those things done at one time.

As an Edmonton business coach, we often help our clients by creating search engine optimization articles. We don’t write one article per day per client, but we batch articles and create a month of articles at one time.

You have to discover how you can batch tasks in your business in order to become more efficient that what you’re doing. Paralysis by analysis when they are starting a new business. There are any number of things that can hinder them from actually getting started.

A lot of people are worried about having the perfect website, or the perfect logo before the launch their business. All this does is waste time and every day that is spent not selling, is it day that you get closer to shutting your business because you’ve run out of cash.

A lot of small businesses fail because the entrepreneur either runs out of cash or runs out of time. The best thing to do is turn what is your minimum viable product and to market quickly. It is easy to make adjustments along the way and asked saying goes, you can only steer a moving ship.

Get in touch with inspired method marketing and coaching today and schedule a one hour free assessment will be more than happy to show you how we can implement systems that will help you create a successful business.

One thing important thing to remember when you are starting a business is having that passion for it. It’s much easier to work long hours when you’re passionate about something then it is working hard for something you don’t care about.

Edmonton business coach | the truth will set you free

We don’t want to provide the wrong impression to our clients as an Edmonton business coach. Lying to customers and telling them that we will get them to the page 1 of Google in a month is untrue and you would be a disservice to them.

It takes a lot of time effort and energy to build a successful business. Many people quit their job to start a business when they’re not ready for it. They assume that there interview with the work whenever they want and work less than 40 hours a week and create something meaningful.

The harsh reality about being an entrepreneur is that you have to sacrifice in order to become successful. As an Edmonton business coach, we ask our clients what they are willing to cut out of their life in order to attain success they desire. Did you know that American spend five hours a day watching television?

Are you willing to sacrifice watching sports or playing video games in order to build a winning and successful business? The truth is that there are events in your life that you will have to say no to in order to create the time and financial freedom that you are longing for.

The best thing about cutting meaningless things out of your life is that you can schedule time with the people that you really care about and do something meaningful with them. What you will find is that your life is so much more meaning and joy because you’re doing what you love, and you were able to spin focused attention on the people that really matter to you.

The best way to do this according to your Edmonton business coach is by developing a rigid work schedule. It helps keep you focused and replicate tasks on a weekly basis which makes you more effective.

Because you understand daily what is happening you aren’t left wondering what to do, you just get the work done. Your family can plan around your rigid work schedule because they know that they will have your time and attention when you’re with them. The key is to get all of your work done while you’re at work and shut off yourself phone and disconnect from work entirely when you are with your family.

Small business owner’s pushback on a disciplined repeatable schedule because they think they can work whenever they want to. The reality is by having a rigid schedule this will allow you the freedom to hire people to do the repetitive tasks that you no longer have to do.

There is nothing more freeing than developing systems and processes that allow US a business owner to step away and have more time with people you care about.

The goal for any business owner should be to have time and financial freedom and not be a slave to their business.

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