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Edmonton Business Coach | Make More Money With SEO

Edmonton Business Coach | Make More Money With SEO

If you’re looking to make more money with SEO, contact an Edmonton business coach at Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching. We’ll be able to show you all of the essential strategies that we use to help businesses grow their presence on Google.

If you’re looking to grow your business, give us a call at 780-937-2939 and one of our business coach associates will be glad to schedule a free consultation with you. If you’re on our website right now all you need to do is click the get started button and fill out the form.

Search engine optimization is one way that businesses can mark their territory. There are several reasons why you’d want to engage the services of a business coach. Search engine optimized nation is one of those things. There are a few major steps that need to be addressed when considering getting to page 1 of Google.

The main criteria that we have all of our Edmonton business coach clients do is secure their Google my business listing. The matter which city or location you are located, you can acquire a Google my business listing so that your ideal likely customers can find you.

It is a rare today for any business to not be searched on Google. If you are a mechanic, bookkeeper, or any other type of business your ideal likely customers will be looking for you online.

That’s why we always recommend people secure their Google my business listing. It’s free and easy for people to sign up, so don’t delay in doing it right now.

When you have an effective Google my business listing the next step is making sure that you have the most five-star reviews. This marker will help not only your clients trust you, but Google will trust you as well. Google is always looking for expertise, authority, and trust. The trust factor is most important when considering any of your search engine optimization strategies.

Black hat SEO strategies often get people blocked or banned from Google so that their sites don’t show up in searches. This strategy is not what we recommend as your Edmonton business coach. You want to ensure that you are doing everything that Google is requesting a few, so that they are providing the best search results for their customers.

Google is all about trust, expertise, and authority that’s why it’s vital to ensure that you’re getting objective Google reviews on your listing. The next best thing that you can do for your business is create a Google friendly website. What we mean by Google friendly is that it follows Google’s canonical compliance.

For the most part, if you set up your website on WordPress, you are taking great steps to making sure that your page is Google canonical compliant. You’ll want to use a plug-in like Yost to make sure that your pages are following the rules for Google to like you.

Edmonton business coach | you can’t be number one without this

Becoming number one on Google is critically important according to your Edmonton business coach at Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching. The difference between page 1 in page 2 is massive. More than 80% of all clicks are on the top three organic positions both first page for any result.

Therefore, it’s so critically important for any business that wants to win to get onto page 1 of Google in those top three spots. One of the most important things you can do is have the most HTML content. Inspired method marketing and coaching recommends that you have at least a thousand words on every page on your website.

You not only need to have the most content, but it also must have relevant keyword search terms. Google is trying to help their customers find your business, and information that’s important to them.

By providing relevant, valuable, and rich content on your website you will have better chances of showing up on page 1. You not only have to have a thousand words per page, you have to have more content than your biggest competitor.

Your Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching helps with these results, using our proven search engine optimization strategies. All of the information we have is available on our website, or on our YouTube channel.

Most people don’t adopt these practices because it is difficult to be consistent with it. But there is no secret as to how you can get to the top page of Google. Many people trying to convince others that they have the secret sauce, but really it is quite simple

If you need help getting your business or visibility on Google then you must call your Edmonton business coach at 780-937-2939 we’ll be glad to take a look at your business, and come up with a plan on how to help you win.

It is vitally important for businesses to create their websites on WordPress and ensure that they are mobile friendly. What we mean by mobile friendly is sure that your website looks good on a mobile phone.

There are more mobile phones on the planet than there are people. This means that everybody who is looking for a product or service will be using their mobile phone search first. This is why Google and other search engines have developed their system to identify websites that are mobile compliant.

Once you have need your business website mobile friendly, you must also ensure that it is following Google’s canonical compliant rules. This simply means that your website has correct header, keywords, and descriptions. You want to make your site as successful as possible for people with disabilities also.

If all of this seems confusing and too difficult for you, contact Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching. We will be more than happy to provide you with business coaching and consulting for only one dollar. Your first month is only a dollar so we can prove to you how effective our system is.

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