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Edmonton Business Coach | How To Work 4 Hours A Week

Edmonton Business Coach | How To Work 4 Hours A Week

If you want to work for hours a week and be successful you need to speak with an Edmonton business coach to show you what is going to take to get there.

Entrepreneurs often quit their jobs in hopes that they will achieve a better work-life balance and be able to work less. The harsh reality is that you will not be working less, you will be working much more than the typical 40 hours a week.

Unfortunately, many people are unprepared for this harsh reality. If you’re not doing something that you are extremely passionate about, your enthusiasm will wane very quickly. That’s why we don’t recommend that you start an MLM and quit your job. If you want to do an MLM business on the side while you’re still working that’s completely acceptable.

Anyways that you start is going to require a lot of time effort and energy. In Tim Ferris’s book four-hour work week some people are under the impression that they can start something and begin working for hours a week and be successful.

There are some valuable tips in this book that can help make your work more efficient, but it is unrealistic to think that you can start a business and only work four hours a week. If you have a business that has systems and personnel in place, you can get to that four-hour work week goal.

But for people starting out in entrepreneurship, you need to understand that you will be working between 60 and 80 hours every week for a number of years before you can get to this point. We don’t preach a very popular message as an Edmonton business coach, but we don’t want people to fall into the trap of business failure.

According to industry Canada 50% of Canadian small businesses fail by year five. We want to help as many small businesses change those odds and beat them. That’s why we love being an Edmonton business coach and helping our small business clients to succeed.

One way to optimize your time and schedule is by patching your work. Find tasks that need to be done on a daily or weekly basis, and see if there’s a way that you can batch all of that work into one time slot in your calendar each week. This way, you will be able to get more accomplished and spend less time switching tasks.

Every time you switch tasks your efficiency and effectiveness drop dramatically. When you’re doing one thing repeatedly, over and over again, you get into a rhythm and flow that makes the task much easier and you can get more done in a short amount of time.

Many entrepreneurs get stuck in the paralysis of analysis before setting out to sell their products and services. What Tim Ferris recommends is finding your minimum viable product that you can offer to the marketplace and sell it. You can always adjust and adapt.

Edmonton business coach | time to get started

We see a lot of business owners as an Edmonton business coach. A lot of them are hesitant about getting out there and selling their products and services because it’s not perfect yet. The problem being that the more you wait and the more you ponder over what you should do in how you should do it how the marketing should look; nothing is being sold.

So many people get hung up on with their logo needs to be and the reality is nobody really cares about your logo. They care about solving their problems. If you are stuck in your business, you need to talk to an Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching. We will help you get that product and service launched so that you can begin working towards your financial and business goals.

People often quit jobs to start their business because they want to improve your work life balance. What they don’t understand is that rather than working less, they are actually working more on their new business.

The long-term goal for any business owner should be to work less. But until you have a business that can run successfully with minimal oversight from you, you can expect to work 60 to 80 hours a week for five years or more.

We help business owners every day optimize their schedule and improve their work and home lives by being their Edmonton business coach.

The biggest thing you must understand is you have to get buy-in from your family when you’re starting a new venture. You have to have them understand that your can be working more hours but you will be making time that is meaningful with them.

Rather than taking time off to play video games or watch Netflix, you will be intentionally scheduling time in your calendar to do fun things in meaningful things with them that will show them that you are working hard to create more intentional time with them.

It is very important that small business owners have a rigid repeatable weekly schedule so that they can repeat tasks on a daily and weekly basis to optimize their time at work.

Once you have your schedule dial then you can afford to hire and task someone else with these tasks in order to free up more of your time on your schedule. When you’re building your business you have to always be thinking about replacing yourself with competent and reliable people.

Your business should serve you and not be a slave driver for your life. Time and financial freedom is the goal and in order to get there you have to spend a lot of time creating and perfecting systems and processes.

These all sound very exciting, but when you have the systems working for you, you can allow other people to do the work that you used to do on your own and you’ll begin to enjoy the fruits of business ownership.

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