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Edmonton Business Coach | How Many Hours Should An Entrepreneur Work

Edmonton Business Coach | How Many Hours Should An Entrepreneur Work

As entrepreneurs start their new business, they may realize that they have to spend more time in their business then they would as an employee says Edmonton business coach. But how much time is that, and how should that time be allotted is something that many entrepreneurs often wonder.

Most entrepreneurs tend to not only underestimate the time required for some of the administrative tasks that need to get accomplished in their business, they also do not think of some of the important tasks important get done in the business. One way to combat this, is to create a schedule.

One of the best things about creating a schedule, is that an entrepreneur can ensure that they created timeslots for everything that needs to get done. They will not have to remember anything, because it will be graded in the schedule, that they can set a year in advance.

By utilizing Edmonton business coach, an entrepreneur can ensure that they have set aside time for all of the strategic priorities of their business including administrative tasks, accounting, sales and marketing, things that an entrepreneur and might not even think to do such as recruiting and training staff. This is all in addition to servicing clients, as well as things like a regularly scheduled time to go home and spend with family.

An entrepreneur might wonder what a schedule like this would look like, since it is obviously going to be more than forty hours a week, and the recommended schedule for entrepreneurs to follow in order to get all important tasks done is a six day work week, working eighty hours a week.

This may seem like an extremely large amount of time to spend at work, and them into business coach says that this is, and this is why entrepreneurship is not right for everybody. It is important to note that a business owner will need to work this schedule forever, that there is time freedom that can be achieved, but not in the beginning stages when an entrepreneur is growing their business.

One of the most important aspects of this schedule says Edmonton business coach, is that an entrepreneur will have a set time to go home and spend time with their family. This means that a business owner can ensure that their family can count on seeing them regularly, so that a business owner does not have to sacrifice that time to build their business.

It also ensures that an entrepreneur will not be trying to multitask business priorities at home, pulling their focus from their family, and feeling like their entire life’s work. By having scheduled time with family can help an entrepreneur feel rested so that they can face next long work week.

Learning how to create a time schedule can help an entrepreneur ensure that all important tasks are getting done, so that they can avoid feeling overwhelmed, and ensure that their spending enough time with their family. This is going to help an entrepreneur manage the eighty hour work week that is required to build a successful business.

Edmonton business coach | how many hours should an entrepreneur work

If entrepreneurs believe that they are going to be able to have time freedom early on in their business says Edmonton business coach, they may be very surprised to find that this is not a short term possibility for entrepreneurs. In fact, Gary Keller the author of the one thing has said this about time: “time on task, over time eventually beats talent every time.” Many entrepreneurs fail to keep in mind some of the important tasks that need to get done in their business, as well as underestimate the time required to accomplish those things. Added to developing their product and servicing their clients, and this equals more than forty hours a week.

Business owners often underestimate how much time it will take them to do the administrative tasks of the business including accounting, grading checklists and templates, placing orders, and creating phone and email scripts. They think that they can get it accomplished in their spare time, but spare time for an entrepreneur is a myth says Edmonton business coach. Instead, they should ensure that they are creating a time slot in their schedule devoted to getting administrative tasks done. This way, they can get done consistently and accurately.

Something else that business owners often do not spend enough time on, especially as a new entrepreneur , is the sales and marketing of their business. Edmonton business coach says that because entrepreneurs do not have as much money in their business, the end of utilizing free but time intensive marketing efforts such as cold calling, and attending networking events.

While these marketing efforts can be effective, they also need to be consistent in order to be effective. An entrepreneur often tends to stop focusing on their sales and marketing as their business grows, it ends up stalling their business. Creating scheduled time for sales and marketing consistently, can help an entrepreneur from falling into this bad habit.

Many business owners also do not set aside time on a regular basis to recruit staff members. This is a huge mistake, and Edmonton business coach says that not having the right staff in place is one of the top three reasons why entrepreneurs in Canada fail. By having time set aside every single week to focus on recruiting staff, entrepreneurs can be prepared when one of their employees gives notice.

This means not only does a business owner does not have to spend time looking, they also will have a ready pool of great candidates to choose from. This will help them avoid hiring the wrong person for their business because of a time constraint.

In order to ensure an entrepreneur gets all the tasks done that is needed for their business to grow consistently, they should ensure that there creating a schedule so that they can have time slots devoted to all of the most important priorities regularly. This can help an entrepreneur keep from feeling overwhelmed, and be able to get all of the most important priorities in the business done so that they can grow a successful business.

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