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Edmonton Business Coach | Hacking The Interview

Edmonton Business Coach | Hacking The Interview

Your interview process should be much the same as the Edmonton business coach at We don’t waste time interviewing one person at a time. We all have 168 hours in a week in which to do all of our work.

As a small business owner, you should cherish each and every moment that you have, and maximize the time spent at work, and with the people you care about. Why would you want to waste time on strangers who may, or may not be a good fit for your business?

There are many larger competitors of yours that hold one-on-one interview sessions. These companies typically have larger team is to handle all of the customer related tasks that have to get done. As a small business owner you typically have to wear a a lot of hats in your business. Because of this, any time wasted interviewing people one-on-one is just that, time wasted.

It takes seeing a lot of people in order to build your team with A players. That’s why the group interview process is so powerful for small businesses. Our Edmonton business coach clients absolutely love this group interview Lifehack.

It’s a best practice to be firm on start time for your group interview. When you are not firm on your start time for your group interview, how can you possibly expect anyone to show up on time for work after you hire them?

It is hypocritical of you to expect that of anyone. Small business owners are lenient with interview start times, and are inflexible when it comes to start times when they hire someone. This starts the relationship off on a bad foot.

The Edmonton business coach group interview process starts out the same in every instance. We read the actual ad that was placed on the job bank website. The reason we do this is to ensure that people understand the ad that they applied for, and that there in the right place.

This ensures that we got the right people in the right place, at the right time. The next step in our group interview process is reading our problem, vision, mission and values. This is very important for any business to do. This lets everyone know and that interview, exactly what you stand for.

When you share your vision, mission, and values to the group, you know that they will be expected to live up to these values after they’re hired. This saves time in the future when a dispute arises.

It is very helpful for your small business to have polarizing values. What I mean by polarizing values is this; they either love what you stand for, or they hate what you stand for. In our group interview process, we do not make anybody stay the whole time. It’s actually better if they leave early.

This way we know early on if they’re going to be a waste of our time or not. When you’re starting your new business and building your team, you want to be sure they’ve got people who want to be there for the right reasons.

Edmonton business coach | stand for something

We recommend all of our Edmonton business coach clients have extremely polarizing values. Values that will allow you to stand out from your competition. The reason this is so powerful is that people who don’t make a stand for anything, stand for nothing.

When you’re hiring team members it is extremely valuable that the team members have the same values. When you don’t have people that hold to the same values, conflict arises, and people can cause harm to your business.

As an Edmonton business coach, we want to be sure that we goes have the right people on our team. And we want to help all of our clients how to build their teams. This is extremely important as the inability to grow a team is the third reason why businesses fail.

One thing is very important for every small business to do when they are holding a group interview is to review the ad to the group. Reviewing the ad ensures that you know you’ve got the right people in the right place. They are welcome to leave if they realize that they didn’t want to apply for this job, and are there by accident.

We don’t want to waste their time, and we do not want them to waste our time. Is very important that new business owners guard very closely the 168 hours that they have for the weak. Every possible moment that can be spent working on the business, growing the customer base, and improving systems and processes is more valuable than wasting time on human resources.

That’s why we never encourage our clients to hold one-on-one interview sessions with people. They are not large companies that can easily do this. Their time is better spent calling a dream 100 list or working on the marketing initiatives for their business.

We do something very different here at the Edmonton business coach headquarters. A lot of people are very lenient when it comes to start times for interviews. For me this is absolutely unacceptable. How can people expect to show up on time to work, if they cannot show up on time for an interview.

Showing up on time for an interview is very telling of a person’s character. Lateness is not tolerated in day-to-day life when it comes to working for someone, so it is absolutely not tolerated in an interview setting.

It’s important to batch your work as often as you can. What I mean by batching is grouping different work tasks together for maximum efficiency. That’s why the group interview process is so powerful.

You have a group of 10 to 20 people together in a room, vying for the same position. Because you have their undivided attention, you are not wasting your time doing it one by one.

Even if it took you one hour to meet with a person before they’re hired, you’d be spending 10 to 20 hours to try and hire one person. In our estimation, it’s better to hold the interview one time and talked to many. One to many is always a better way to do things in a lot of different areas in your small business.

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