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Edmonton Business Coach | Hacking HR

Edmonton Business Coach | Hacking HR

Some facts that we share as your Edmonton business coach, are that the interview process takes an average of 22.9 days. This is an extremely large amount of time that businesses spend on a regular basis that is simply wasted.

The hiring process is highly inefficient. When you think that the hiring process takes almost a full month out of your schedule, you can see how profitability goes out the window. This is especially harmful to small businesses who are run by one or two people.

Being an Edmonton business coach, we see this all the time. That’s why we try to show each one of our clients our group hiring process. This group hiring process helps you to save some of the 168 hours that you have in your week.

Most small businesses and their larger competitors hold one-on-one interview sessions. A small business cannot compete with a large company that has a big human resources department. Large companies can see more people than a small business can.

Because larger businesses can see more people, they get better candidates. Our Edmonton business coach clients often see a huge difference in the amount of people they can see, and the talent they can acquire.

The common problem with one-on-one interviews is there is them a lot of time wasted on people who never show up to the interview in the first place. The process is very discouraging for a small business owner who is trying to grow his or her team.

Time is spent creating an ad for the job. And there is also a lot of time spent looking at resumes, and scheduling interviews. In a lot of cases the interviewees never show up. Thus costing the business owner valuable time that could be spent serving customers or doing thousand other more important things than waiting for somebody who didn’t show.

When you’re starting your group interview, it is vital that you have a set start time. What we do at our group interviews is lock the door at the time when the interview starts. This shows any latecomers that we are serious about the people who are going work here.

When you set the precedent that you start on time, you can expect the same when people start working for you. It is hypocritical to be very flexible with your interview times or scheduling interviews with prospective employees, and expect them to show up on time when they start working for you.

Now another best practice that we want to share with you is always review your problem, vision, mission, and values before every group interview session. This will accomplish a number of different things. Firstly, you can clearly explain the type of person that you’re looking to join your organization.

Secondly you can share your company values with everybody in the room at the same time. By sharing your values you are seeing who is going to be a good fit for company and who is not going to be a great fit.

Having polarizing values is very important for your business, and your life.

Edmonton business coach | review the ad before hand

In our Edmonton business coach group interviews we read out the exact add that was published on our job search website. Why do we do this? Because we want to ensure that the person who is sitting in front of us knows which company they actually applied to.

Once we read out the job description and the job posting that we published, we go over our vision, mission, and values. Is very important to do this when you are in a group interview setting. You want to ensure that you have the right people in the right place.

When you have very polarizing ideas about your values, you are in essence, gritting a dividing line between who fits and who doesn’t. Anybody who wants to leave the group interview is free to do so.

The next step in the group interview process is allowing everyone in the room a chance to ask a question. There love to ask as many questions as they want about the job, and what it’s like to work at your organization. The benefit answering questions in front of everyone is that all possible questions will be asked.

If you are to do this on an individual basis, people may not ask questions, or you’ll be asked the same question over, and over again. It’s much more efficient to answer a question once for 10 people are more to hear the answer to.

There’s always one question that we ask in the interview session. That question is, why do you want to work here? This question is very important. This question allows us to determine who is going to be a great fit for our company, and who is not going to be a great fit. You can tell right away.

If someone responds in the group interview to the question in the indicate only their self interest or they just want to get a job, that’s very clear to us that they are not going to be a great fit.

When some answer the question at our Edmonton business coach group interview session, and they are answering in response to what your company mission is, then you have a great chance at a candidate to bring in for a job shadow day.

Once we have agreed amongst a couple of us that there is a good candidate there. We bring them in for a job shadow later in the week. There is no better way to tell some it is going to be a great fit for your organization than the job shadow.

This can show right away if someone is going to be a great team player, and holds the same values and work ethic that are required to be in a player on your team.

Contact an Edmonton business coach today and schedule a free initial consultation, and month of business coaching for one dollar.

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