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Edmonton Business Coach | Growing A Solid Team

Edmonton Business Coach | Growing A Solid Team

In this article we would like to share a growth strategy from your Edmonton business coach. That growth strategy will help you to develop a winning team. Your small business is the same as any other small business. You only have 168 hours in a week.

Having only 168 hours in your wake means that you have a limited amount of resources in which to do all of your business. Not only all of your business, but all of your leisure time, family time, and eating and sleeping.

We never recommend, as an Edmonton business coach, to do hiring one-on-one. Hiring one-on-one is very inefficient with your time. It takes time to write a job posting. It takes time to read resumes. It takes time to answer emails and schedule interviews also.

All of this time added up equals approximately 24 hours in a week that you have to spend going through this process. When you adopt the group interview process, we can whittle off 20 hours of that time. That means you will have 20 extra hours in the week in which to operate your business and do things that you want to do.

Your larger competitors will be able to beat you easily if you are going to be interviewing people one on one. Adopting a group interview hiring process is the only way you can have a fighting chance to get the best people.

As an Edmonton business coach, we are very firm with the start time of our group interviews. At 5 PM we lock the door and do not allow anybody to come in who arrived late. This sense a good example for people who are in the interview. It shows them that we value timeliness and punctuality from our employees.

These are some of the things you need to cover in your group interview session. When you’re talking about your values, it is best to have values that stand for something. You must be polarizing in your values. If you don’t have any values or something that you stand for, then employees will walk all over you.

You will not have any ground to stand on when you’re trying to hold them to account to a set standard. You must have standards for your business.

We always read out our companies problem, vision, mission, and values. By reading out these items, people understand quickly what you’re all about. It’s also good for current employees to understand what these things are too. They should be visible around your place of business, and on your website.

It is unwise to be flexible when arranging an interview time for people. When you’re flexible with your interview time, how can you possibly expect people to show up on time for work after you hire them?

When you’re overly flexible when trying to schedule an interview with people, it puts them in control of the situation. And when the employee is in control a situation, that means that you are out of control.

This relationship will not change after you hire them. They will always be holding you hostage to their personal issues. A number of things will come up during their employee at your business and you will wish that you would never hire them.

This isn’t always the case, however, it is very common for this to occur.

Edmonton business coach | review the job posting

We recommend to our Edmonton business coach clients that they review the job posting before every group interview. Why do we do this? We do this so that everybody who is in the room knows that this is the job that they applied for.

When people are in the wrong place, it’s kind of awkward for you and them. We give them an opportunity to leave at this time. It makes no sense for them to waste their time trying to get a job that they didn’t want.

We don’t waste anybody’s time, and we don’t want our time wasted either. And neither should you. One important thing that we always cover in the group interview process is our vision, mission, and values.

Your small business should have clearly defined vision, mission, and values. This is not only good for new hires, but for your entire team. How can you possibly build culture with out having these cornerstones of your business.

Every Edmonton business coach client is encouraged to adopt the group hiring process. It saves time, and money. All of your human resource issues can be resolved by having a group interview process.

When you have a number of people who are qualified candidates waiting to be hired, the next time an employee leaves your business you have the next person in line ready to go.

Your values need to be very robust. When you have robust values, people who are applying for a position in your company understand, in no uncertain terms, what you stand for. It’s very important that you do this for your business. Having solid values will help you later down the road when you have to confront an employee that’s not living up to those values.

Answering questions one-on-one with interviewees is a big waste time. When you have 10 or more people in a room and somebody asked a question, it’s easy to answer one time for 10 people. Everyone gets the benefit of the question and the answer.

There is only one question that we ask everybody in the group interview. The question is why do you want to work here? It is very telling right away if summit is going to be a good fit or not. This saves us time, and the headache of interviewing people one-on-one.

Schedule a meeting with an Edmonton business coach today. You will learn the ins announce of the group hiring process, and how it can benefit your business.

Call inspired method marketing at 780-937-2939. Or you can visit the website to read out Fill out the contact form and we will schedule a one hour consultation with you.

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