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Edmonton Business Coach | Getting Started Is Not The Hardest Part

Edmonton Business Coach | Getting Started Is Not The Hardest Part

Getting started with anything is not the hardest part of courting to your Edmonton business coach. The hardest part of any program that you get started with is being consistent. When you think about and exercise program, for instance, you know that January 1 everybody is getting gym memberships and making a commitment to their health. By February 15 80% of people have dropped off this plan.

Gyms no that this is the case and they have some of the best specials for getting people on recurring monthly programs around the first of the year. It’s not that Gyms want to take advantage of people, it’s because they are well aware of human nature. As an Edmonton business coach, we know this is the case here as well. We as people, a lot of comfort. We will do anything to avoid pain, but move towards pleasure.

So when it comes to having a regular, repeatable weekly schedule, it all looks fine and well when we make our agenda. When it becomes difficult is when life happens. Your kids get sick, you have a life event that takes you for a loop, or you start a new marketing and business coaching program. Kind of like the Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching.

The problem isn’t getting started on a new business coaching program, the problem is consistency. But the people who are consistent, and resilient are the ones who are more likely to have success than people who aren’t. This is why a lot of people are content to work a regular eight hour day. They are content with working just five days a week instead of six like any entrepreneur who is wanting to grow their business should.

We encourage all of our coaching clients to work six days a week and not just the usual five days a week. This is not something that we intend for them to do for the rest of their lives. This is something that we want them to do in order to reach the level of time freedom and financial freedom that they came to us for the first place.

If it’s not something that is driving them internally, then they will never reach their goal. Now there’s a lot of people that are committed to their goals, but they still have a difficult time going against human nature which is to seek comfort instead of pressure. That’s why you have to build the muscle of resiliency and predictability. As you create a weekly schedule for yourself, you will discover that there is freedom in this discipline.

You will no longer be wasting hours in front of the TV watching Netflix. Because all of your waking hours will be used productively for your business, for your health, and most importantly for your loved ones.

Get started at inspired method marketing and coaching today. Right now we have a no-brainer offer that that is impossible for you to say no to. 30 days of business coaching and marketing help for only one dollar.

Edmonton business coach | resilience and repetition

Having an attitude of resilience and resolve something that every business entrepreneur needs to have. When you are starting any new venture is easy to put in the long hours when you’re in the planning/prelaunch phase. As of the time we can have many many hours planning thinking about your business dreaming developing a business plan and other things and it seems like the time flies by. It’s when your business launches that things change. As an Edmonton business coach we have seen this many many times.

Even in the early days of running our first businesses was this way. It get an amazing idea that kept you up all night because you couldn’t stop thinking about what your business is gonna look like. It’s almost like you’re pregnant. You’re excited about the new person that’s going to be entering your life and it keeps you awake at night wondering all of the amazing things that are going happen.

But then once you launch your business, you get into all the things that are not so fun like paying taxes, dealing with employees, or trying to find enough customers to create the sales in order to pay the bills. When you are working with the Edmonton business coach, is our job to help you build this resiliency muscle.

Without it you will probably go the way of most small businesses. Did you know that 50% of small businesses fail in their first five years?

We know this, and this is why we started inspired method marketing and coaching. We want to make sure that we can help a thousand small businesses grow their business. We don’t want them to become statistics.

One of the things that we have our Edmonton business coach clients do is create a 10 minute long YouTube videos. By creating these YouTube videos it does a couple of things. It helps them to get a better understanding of what the business is, who they serve, and how they do it. We help them figure out what their biggest differentiating factors are that sets them apart in the marketplace.

Another thing that this helps them to do is build muscle for doing the unpalatable. It’s kind of like having to eat a frog. If you have to eat a frog best thing to do it first thing. So when you are having to make YouTube videos, we try and get it done as soon as possible when they begin our coaching program.

This way when we asked them to do more and more videos, or even videos on their own, that they know what to do and they can just buckle down and do it. It’s of the diligent doers that are successful not the happy hopers.

Contact inspired method marketing coaching today to schedule a one hour session with one of our owners, at 780-937-2939. Can’t wait to meet you.

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