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Edmonton Business Coach | Get Your Website Working For You

Edmonton Business Coach | Get Your Website Working For You

We are your Edmonton business coach and we’re here to help you win at business. One tool that we all know is necessary when having a small business is a website.

But did you know that most websites don’t work? Websites are a powerful tool when used correctly. However most business owners don’t realize that having a website will not necessarily bring you the customers that you need to keep your business going.

Statistics show that only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. That’s coming from Wordstream.

There are a lot of ways to make your website work for you and your business. Many business owners don’t realize exactly what these components on their website should be.

That’s where having a business coach with a marketing focus like inspired method, can really help you take your business and its online presence to the next level. Be sure to book a consultation with your Edmonton business coach, inspired method.

We will help you through the process of building a website that is not missing any major attributes. We would even liken missing key website attribute is like having a missing major component in your car.

If you want potential customers to find your website you must be aware of all the pieces that need to be in place to have your website found on Google.

You may have I beautiful website with fancy designs and fancy colours and that is great, but Google looks for specific attributes before they will recommend your website to people that may be looking for what you are providing.

These attributes are necessary and are kind of like having your brand or presence out on a huge billboard on the side of a major freeway. When you don’t comply to what Google requires it would be like having your advertisement on a billboard in a forest.

No one will find you there. As your Edmonton business coach we help you create what Google requires on your website.

One thing we tell all our clients is to get started ranking on Google, is to not only sign-up for a Google my business account, but to then get as many Google reviews as possible in the early weeks.

Once you get to 40 Google reviews you hit a major marker with Google, causing Them to suggest your business when pay potential clients or customers are looking for what it is you offer.

After that, we suggest you get at least one Google review each week on going.

Once your Google my business is set up and going and you have 40 reviews it’s now time to start writing content for your website.

This is the order that we suggest for any new client that starts with us at inspired method. That is of course if they do not have a website already. If the new client already has website we take an in-depth look at what they have on it.

We go from that point and decide if it is something we will just add to an cleanup or if we need to start from scratch with the new website.

Edmonton Business Coach | Why Doesn’t My Website Convert

As your Edmonton business coach we want to help you not only get traffic to your website but to convert that traffic to paying customers.

Many business owners think that if they build a website that they’ve done all the work and that they don’t need to go back and change anything unless they need to update some information. That is simply not true. Inspired method, we help you understand what is necessary on your website, but also help you update your website on an ongoing basis.

We make sure you have all the major attributes needed to not only attract new users to the website but to keep them on your website by helping them find the information they’re looking for as well as being able to contact you and either book a consultation with you or purchase something write off your website.

We help you bring traffic to website but also help you convert that traffic to paying customers.

There are three major pages that are visited most on any website. They are the homepage, the team page, and the services and/or product page.

This is why it is so important that you clearly define your unique selling or value proposition on these pages. When you have not clearly defined what problem that you solve what your vision is what your mission is and what your core values are it becomes confusing to users that might be on those pages.

At inspired method, as your Edmonton business coach, we walk you through this process in-depth until you say exactly what it is you want to say. Our goal is to help you not only get that traffic to your website, but to keep them there, and hopefully purchase something from your business.

To quote Seth Godin, “marketing is the generous act of helping someone solve the problem. Their problem.”

As an Edmonton business coach, we have seen our fair share of websites done right but unfortunately many more that are done poorly. One of the things we see the most on poorly represented websites is having submenus under the services button at the top of the website.

What happens when someone goes to hit the service button and they see many options to scroll through they often discontinue searching on your website. We help you clean this up so that the users that visit your website stay on your website and decide to purchase from your website or at least consult you for further information.

Another issue we have seen with poorly done website is there is no team page. Users that visit your website want to see who is behind the website and behind the business.

So be sure to always include a short bio and a picture to show who it is behind the scenes.

Your homepage is actually the most important page. It is the one place that most visitors will land first and often this is the only page still see of your website.

You want to maximize what is on this piece of real estate so that you clearly communicate who you are, what you do, and how you do it. This particular space is called above the fold and you want to be sure to have your most important message included in that space plus multiple calls to action telling your likely buyers what to do with the information that they find their.

If this is unclear to you on how to do all of this please be sure to book a consultation with inspired method at 780-937–2939.

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