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Edmonton Business Coach | Embrace Discomfort

Edmonton Business Coach | Embrace Discomfort

The Edmonton business coach has a special offer right now for any small business who wants to take their company to the next level. For only one Canadian dollar, you can get four weeks of exclusive business coaching from the top rated and most reviewed business coach in Canada.

You will get for individual sessions that will take you through our proven program to see if you are a good fit for our company, and if we are a good fit for yours.

One of the key factors that we look for in any company that we want to work with is their ability to embrace discomfort. As human beings we love comfort. We will do anything to avoid discomfort and pain and move towards pleasure. It is something that we are born with, and it takes effort and thought to change those ways.

What we have found as in Edmonton business coach over the years of researching successful businesses and CEOs is that, the people who are most comfortable with discomfort are the ones who succeed.

When you think of a small child when they are tempted with taking the easy route or doing things the way that you asked them to do it, they will in most cases take the easy way out. The resulting effect is they have to do the task over again. There is nothing different when you become a business owner. When you try to take the easy way out, you end up having to do the work again.

Before becoming an Edmonton business coach, I worked in construction. And the biggest cause of time delays and cost overruns was rework. When you have to start a task over because you screwed it up the first time, that means it cost you time and money. You lose out on profits, and business growth.

There is no easy way to get started with this process. Unless you sign up for our one dollar offer at inspired method marketing. Give us a call at 780-937-2939 to get started.

When you think about exercising, for instance, our bodies don’t naturally grow muscles. We typically have to put them through a lot of pain and repetition in order to build stronger muscles. If we do not go through the pain and the repetition of building stronger muscles and increasing our bone density, then we will go into a state of atrophy.

There is no difference between your physical body or your business. When you try to take the easy way out with your business then you will atrophy into failure.

The most common reason for business failure is the inability to attract enough customers. And the reason people do not attract enough customers because they do not take the time to focus on the marketing or improve their sales abilities. These things are completely teachable and failure is avoidable if you will learn to practice discipline in your life. Taking the easy way out is never the solution if you want to be a successful person.

Edmonton business coach | making videos is not exciting

Creating videos with an Edmonton business coach is not the most exciting thing that you going to do in your life. It’s kind of like staring at a blank wall and talking about your business for 10 minutes. It is not very exciting but it’s something that’s necessary to do. Another way to look at it is cleaning toilets in your business. It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it.

Can you imagine if in your business nobody took the time to clean up after themselves? Soon your business would look like an absolute disaster. Nobody would want to come there including yourself. All of your clients would avoid coming to your office or to your retail store, you’d get bad online reviews, and your employees would quit because they are embarrassed to work there.

So what is the solution to doing these boring tasks? The solution is just do them. Get on board with the program and make the videos.

A lot of people are afraid that someone is going to criticize them online or verbally abuse them because they said something wrong in their YouTube video. And what I tell them as an Edmonton business coaches haters are going to hate and it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day. What is important is that you are making the content in your answering the questions to the best of your ability so that any time that your ideal and likely buyer happens upon your videos online, that they get valuable information out of it. If you worried about what everybody set all the time you’d never leave your home.

You have to build up some tough skin when you want to get into business. Because not everybody is going love you. There’s going to be times when people are saying very nasty things about you that just aren’t true. But a lot of people are keyboard warriors and then when you get in front of them they absolutely turn into a puddle of goo. So take advice from the Edmonton business coach and get started making YouTube videos today.

Making videos is not simply to give you practice talking about your business. The reason behind the videos is that we can gather a ton of content that we can put onto your website. Having lots of content is always a good thing especially when it comes to SEO.

Having the most HTML content is one of the markers that Google uses to rank websites regarding their relevancy. Whenever you’re thinking about a website thinking about the word eat E stands for expertise. The letter A stands for authority and the T stands for trust. This is what Google is looking for when they consider ranking websites for relevancy. Expertise authority and trust.

Take advantage of our one dollar marketing and business coaching offer that’s available for any small business and wants to give us a chance. You will get one month of expert business coaching and marketing that will help you to take your business to the next level. We are so confident in our abilities to help businesses that will only work with one business and any industry in a geographic region so take your spot today.

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