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Edmonton Business Coach | Don’t Get The Minimum

Edmonton Business Coach | Don't Get The Minimum

Just being average is not good enough for the Edmonton business coach. It is our goal to make sure that any of our clients beat the odds of business failure in Canada. Not only in Canada but in the United States also. In order to do this we want to help at least 1000 businesses over the next five years to grow their business.

Currently we are running a no-brainer offer for any business who is brave enough to take advantage of it. For 30 days you get top-notch business coaching and marketing help from the most and highest-rated business coach in Canada.

All you have to do is go to and fill out the form on our contact page. Somebody will be in touch with you to set up your four private coaching sessions with an Edmonton business coach.

The minimum amount of Google reviews that is necessary for customers to take you seriously is 40.

40 though a good number, is only the start. When you think of how competitive the business place is, you know that just getting the bare minimum is not enough. For people who are wanting to rock their business and take it to the next level, we recommend that you never ever stop getting Google reviews.

Google reviews are absolutely the easiest way that somebody can get a competitive advantage over their competitors. I’m not sure why people don’t spend more time getting Google reviews, maybe they don’t like attracting new business to their company. There are some companies out there with thousands of Google reviews and they continue to get Google reviews each and every day of the week.

Forbes tells us that 88% of buyers look at reviews before making a purchasing decision. That should be enough for any small business owner to take reviews seriously.

Your Edmonton business coach can help you develop checklists and scripts that will help your employees ask for these Google reviews in a more effective manner. Will also help you set up email templates that will help you ask for those Google reviews from clients that you might have forgotten to ask in person.

Getting the minimum amount of Google reviews is a sure way to guarantee your failure online. That might sound very strong because it is. If you’re not going take your business seriously, then why should anybody else. So don’t be one of those companies who is satisfied with the status quo.

Be a business owner that takes charge of their online presence and is concerned with every customer being happy with their service.

When you respond to the Google reviews that come in to your Google my business listing, it shows that there is a human being that is attached to that business. And people love nothing more than to see that they’ve been heard.

When your customers know that you are hearing them, it gives them more incentive to want to continue doing business with you. And for new people who are just discovered your business online, it gives them the confidence that they should give you a try.

Edmonton business coach | do your best to get page one

Everybody who has a business nowadays, including your Edmonton business coach, is doing everything that they possibly can to get page 1 of Google. Getting to page 1 means that you’re going to get more clicks onto your website, which means a greater chance of a conversion or sale. Inbound leads have got to be one of the greatest feelings in the world. When somebody finds your business through Google and then engages you in a conversation online.

It doesn’t always necessarily have to be a sale, but it can mean somebody scheduling an appointment to meet with you. In terms of our retail company, it could mean that somebody saw your website as they were driving and decided to come into your shop and buy something. The best thing the you can do when someone is happy with your products and services is to ask for a Google review.

There is nothing better than when you’re standing in front of a happy client and they give you that Google review while in your presence. Because when other people are reading reviews from real customers of your business then he gives them the confidence that they’re going to be treated in much the same way. This is just one of the ways that we help our clients as the Edmonton business coach to get to page 1 of Google.

Other ways that we help our clients get onto page 1 of Google is making sure that they have the most HTML content. Not the most in the world, but more than their nearest competitors. It’s not enough just to have the same amount as your competitors, you have to completely dominate with content. Some of our clients currently, have over half a million words on their website.

And this is because they are in a very competitive space, and they want to make sure that they stay on top of the Google search engine results so that they are the ones who in and get the most leads.

As them to business coach we have strategies and ways to help people create this content. One of the easiest ways to create longform content, is to create YouTube videos. Once you get these YouTube videos transcribed, you can then add them to your website as new articles and then you’re guaranteed to have at least a thousand words if you are making to make videos. In a lot of cases you will have more than a thousand words added to your website per week, but this should be the bare minimum.

Call an Edmonton business coach today through inspired and schedule a one-on-one information session. If it turns out that we are a good fit for your business, and that you’re a good fit for our process, then we will schedule you in for four weeks of business coaching and marketing help for only one dollar.

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