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Edmonton Business Coach | Don’t Fall For The Lies

Edmonton Business Coach | Don't Fall For The Lies

Get in touch with your Edmonton business coach before you fall for the lies of entrepreneurship. There are many myths, half-truths, and flat-out lies that people fall for every day in the business world. Some are by well intentioned family members, but if you understand that most people are wrong about most things most of the time you see that is vice is flat-out wrong.

You need to get advice from an experienced entrepreneur at inspired method marketing and coaching where a real Edmonton business coach who’s been there, done that, got the T-shirt, can help you with your business.

We are comprised of a number of experienced business owners and advisors who have proven their ability to grow multiple small businesses. A lot of the online gurus are simply really great at marketing their systems and programs and getting people to enter into their funnel.

Not all information that you find online is bad, however, you have to understand that they are selling information so that they can get you into higher levels of membership. The free book that they offer ends in tens of thousands of dollars in location-based events.

Your small business and you need real-world advice, speak to an Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching.

One of the hard truths they need to understand is business owners that 75% of employees steal from the workplace. That means you have to have great systems in place that keep track of your inventory, and we recommend installing cameras in every location where it’s possible to do so. This helps people remain accountable to doing the job are supposed to, without stealing from you.

Some of the theft that is involved in the workplace is stealing time. Everybody has a smart phone today. The smart phones are responsible for the average person being interrupted 91 times a day. These 91 times a day, steal hours from People’s productivity at work.

If you’re business owner, you may be guilty of this. That’s why you need to have a rule in your company to not allow personal cell phones while employees are on the job.

Another live entrepreneurship is that you will be able to have the same level of income quickly and your new business that you had when you were employed. We really wish this was true, but it’s not.

You have to be willing to put in 12+ hours a day, six days a week, for many years before you will reach the same level of income that you had as an employee. There are so many people that need to be paid off of the income that you generate in your business.

Number 1 Is Your Employees, #2 is the tax man. Beyond that there is numerous expenses that the average person doesn’t take into consideration before they start their new business.

Once you get to the level of income that you had before you started your business, things quickly scale from there depending on the industry, and your ability to manage your finances.

Edmonton business coach | were you targeting

Your target customer is someone who should be on the front of your mind, says your Edmonton business coach. Who your ideal likely buyer is makes a big difference in your marketing and sales efforts.

One of the biggest misunderstandings about small business owners is they don’t understand their ideal and likely buyer is. When you work with an Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching, you help you determine who is your ideal and likely buyer by going through a multiple step checklist to determine who that buyer is.

Having a great understanding about your customer avatar is very important. A lot of small businesses when they get started think that everybody is their ideal customer. It is absolutely impossible for you to market to every possible customer that is out there. You need to be very precise and who your ideal buyer is, and then go after them with extreme action.

Something that is important for you to understand as a business owner is that you will be taken advantage of by some customers. Some people will expect freebies, discounts, and will complain about anything under the sun to save a few bucks.

The good news is that these people are few and far between. The majority of people are good people who understand the value of the dollar and will treat you with respect.

One hard truths that new business owners need to understand quickly is that if you don’t have a repeatable weekly schedule, you will never have time freedom. If you never have a repeatable weekly schedule in place then you will always be working in your business and not on your business. There is always a fire to put out, and emergency that needs taking care of, or something that will draw your attention away from you having a life.

When you work with an Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching we will help you develop repeatable weekly schedule.

Once you have a schedule in place you’ll soon realize that you can’t do everything. You’re going to need to hire people with different levels of expertise to help you. The goal is to create systems that are easily repeatable. When you think about business systems, think about McDonald’s.

You have to make your business simple enough to run that any idiot can do it. Of course we don’t really mean that you have to hire idiots, but entry-level workers and not highly skilled, very expensive workers.

Get in touch with inspired method marketing and coaching today for a free consultation, and 30 days of coaching and marketing expertise for only one dollar. Our team of experienced business owners and advisors will help guide you on the path to creating a successful business.

Your business should exist to serve you, and not the other way around.

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