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Edmonton Business Coach | Crappy Videos Still Work

Edmonton Business Coach | Crappy Videos Still Work

We use videos that inspired method marketing and coaching for all of our Edmonton business coach clients. We do not have tens of thousands of dollars of fancy video equipment in order to make these videos. And if we are quite honest, they are kind of crappy.

They don’t have a lot of fancy lighting video effects or retouching in order to make them look polished and studio quality. Even though we can get 4K resolution out of our videos, that doesn’t mean that they look TV quality. The good news is that doesn’t really matter.

When our Edmonton business coach clients get started with us they are worried about the quality of the videos. They wanted to look like a professional league produced and edited video that you would see on a television commercial or on a corporate website.

There are videos that we can do and that are useful for the website, however for a lot of HTML content what we’re looking for are simple to shoot simple to make videos that are going to be used for HTML content on website.

So a lot of people when they get started with us they have seen our videos and they understand that our videos are not great but then when they want to do their videos they want a very highly produced product.

It isn’t because they are trying to be difficult, it’s because they want to look good on video. They want their business to be seen in the best light. I do understand completely with their point of view however, we make our videos of low quality on purpose.

As the Edmonton business coach we are not wanting to have something that our customers do not have. We don’t want to set an example of having highly produced videos that take a long time to make when we want our customers to create massive quantities of videos in a short period of time so that we can continuously update their website with the most HTML content.

The main idea behind these videos is not to come off as some Hollywood production. When you look at the studies that are shown, most people have a distrust for any company that uses highly produced videos. They want to see the real people behind the business, and they don’t necessarily have to have a Hollywood quality production in order to fall in love with that company.

There is a time and a place for well done video’s, but on YouTube and in the type of videos that we are making that is not the place.

The reason we don’t put a lot of production into these videos is because most people are never going to see these videos. They are designed specifically for our customers to get comfortable talking about their business, and so that we can transcribe those videos and put them onto their website. Like the title says, crappy videos still work.

Edmonton business coach | just make your videos

An inspired method marketing and coaching we like to tell all of our Edmonton business coach clients that making video sucks but it’s something you have to do. 90% of our clients hate making videos. And it’s not because they hate us, it’s because making videos is a very uncomfortable thing for people to do.

You can liken asking somebody to do a YouTube video to asking them to skydive. Both things are very intense, and can be very terrifying depending on your personality. There some people who have no problems making a video, because they understand that this video is made to help their business to grow, and that the majority of people in the world are never going see these videos.

It’s up to us as an Edmonton business coach to ensure our clients that we only have their best interests at heart and we want to make sure that they are successful.

The way that we can make them successful is by having them make at least 14 videos. Once we make these videos we have at least 14 weeks of content that we can use to update their website on a regular basis.

This is one of the most time efficient ways for us to make content for our customers websites. The problem with a lot of SEO companies, as they try to have people write blog articles for their clients and this just isn’t efficient. There are a lot of other ways that we can use these videos to.

When we have videos in long-form they can be spliced up into smaller bits, and used across other social platforms.

Social media is a great place to reuse this content that you’ve made on YouTube. Because you have created a 10 minute video, you can create up to 10 different splices on platforms such as Facebook.

That can be up to 10 days of content for Facebook. Because of how videos are made we set them up into 10 different questions that we ask our clients about their business. And as they answer these questions, they are speaking to their ideal and likely buyers.

It is our role as an Edmonton business coach, to help our clients become more comfortable speaking about their business. Because if they are more comfortable speaking about their business then they are able to be more comfortable when making a sale. The number one reason that business owners have stated that they fail is because of their inability to attract enough customers.

And why can’t they attract enough customers it comes down to their ability to bring people to their website, and to their place of business to make a sale.

To get started with inspired method marketing and coaching all you have to do is go to our website and fill out the information form there.

One of our coaches will be in touch with you to schedule a one hour consultation, and to fit you into our weekly schedule where you get one-on-one attention from a business coach. It’s our goal to make sure that you succeed, let’s get started today.

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