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Edmonton Business Coach | Coachability is The Key To Winning

Edmonton Business Coach | Coachability is The Key To Winning

Hi, welcome to the Edmonton business coach YouTube channel. Today we’re going to be talking about coachability is the key to winning.

Yes, indeed. It sure is. And My name is Karen and this is my husband, Trevor. We’re co-owners here at Inspired Method marketing and coaching. And today I just want to share a quote with you by Jim Collins, the author of six books. He says, discipline is the greatest thing in the world where there’s no discipline, there is no character. And without character there’s no progress.

And coming from Franchise 101 inc only 14% of franchisees are out of business in five years. Hmm. That’s interesting.

Yeah, that’s fine. This statistic, yeah. Franchises are, or a really good business model and we can get into that maybe in another Edmonton business coach topic but they work. They’re really good. Really the systems that they have in place. Exactly. The systems, processes, marketing and all of those things that even the average business owner needs to do in order to create their business as a franchise model, even if they’re not planning on franchising.

Here’s a story that we have for you today. We love helping businesses to grow, as the Edmonton business coach.  It’s so nice when clients are boards and they’re not just listening to the coaching club, they actually take action. Now there are those who don’t listen. They resist ideas and they don’t do the work. Unfortunately, we can see from a distance what the outcome will be for the uncoachable.

Karen, what are some questions that we ask?

Why do people hire coaches? Well, the main reason that people hire coaches is because they want to increase their performance. They want to be the best. So when you look at, let’s say elite athletes such as you know, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, these people, they hire coaches to help them to become better even though they’re at the very top of their game and they want to become better. And even for you, Karen, you had a coach who helped you with your running. Why did you hire that coach?

Oh, because I didn’t want to hurt myself and I wanted to actually achieve what I want to set out to achieve. I didn’t think I could do it on my own. I needed guidance. And a plan and step by step guide and also the support. And that was the biggest part is having the support and feedback, regular feedback. So that, that’s why it worked for me.

Yeah. And so that, that’s why people mainly hire coaches. That’s why we help businesses by being the Edmonton business coach. And even some of the top CEOs that you hear of Google, Apple, YouTube, Facebook, all these people, they have coaches that help them to become better than they are and help them to achieve goals that by themselves they couldn’t.

So what does a coach do then? Well, as the Edmonton business coach, coaches help you to see things that you can’t see. They look from the outside at your particular situation. It can be it, whether it’s physical or whether it’s mental or whether it is a strategic thing. They can look at a situation with a fresh pair of eyes and they can also look from experience things that they’ve seen before done before. And they may have a proven pathway that works every single time. And when they do that, they just help you to implement and follow that system so that you can achieve the same results that the other successful people in their lives have been able to do.

So it’s very, very straight forward. What a coach does and how they can help you to grow, help you can help you to grow your business or help you to grow physically or help you to get faster, stronger, or maybe you know, get you set up in such a way where you, you’re not hurting yourself while you’re doing your workouts, right? Because they just, they’ve seen it, they’ve done it. They’ve got to be experienced and they know what works.

Edmonton business coach, what doesn’t a coach do?

A coach doesn’t do the work for you. Plain and simple. The coach is not there to do the work for you. The coach is there to help you to find a way, show you the way, but they’re not going to do the work for you. Especially when it comes to business. You cannot expect a your Edmonton business coach to help you create the content.

You cannot expect your business coach to make the sales calls for you. You cannot expect your business coach to do the things that you need to do in order to expand and grow yourself and become better to, to work out that what’s the muscle? I’m looking for the diligence muscle to work out the, Oh my God, this sucks, but I have to do it muscle, right? There’s those things that as a business owner you have to do, whether it’s have a tough, difficult conversations with people, whether it’s making sales calls or just the, the diligence of recording and following systems and templates and processes so that your business is systematized and able to be duplicated by anybody. Right? So that’s, those are the things that a coach doesn’t do.

Do coachable people get defensive when an alternative is suggested?

No coachable people listen to the advice and they know that the coach has their best interests at heart and they will do what they can to make an adjustment inside so that they can go ahead and make that change and make that adjustment with a, with the coaches advice. Now the people that resist and get offended and get upset when you suggest something to them, those people are obviously not coachable and it’s very, very difficult to help somebody who is like that and bring them over to, you know, a sense of, okay, this, this sucks but I’m going to give it a go. Right.

Very difficult to move the needle of the person who will not be coached. Right.

Do coachable people invite and appreciate feedback? Yes, they do. So coachable people when you’re able to instruct and give them advice, they are very appreciative of the feedback because you’re, providing an outside perspective as an Edmonton business coach on something that has been done before.

Especially in our case as the Edmonton business coach, we are able to use proven methods, systems and processes that work for any business. And just help other people implement those systems so that they too can win and create a scalable business. Okay. Do you coachable people help or do they keep challenging themselves? Absolutely. People who are coachable aren’t satisfied with the status quo and they aren’t satisfied with where they’re at. They want to become better and better every day. Whether that is in, you know, personal performance, mental performance, if they want to stretch the boundaries of what they’re capable of doing, which anyone who starts a new business, that’s, that’s the mentality that you have to have. You have to build that mental toughness, do carry on and keep doing your thing. Just when it’s hard to do,

Like putting in an extra day of work than you expect as an employee. Sure. No problem. You can work your nine to five Monday to Friday, but as a business owner, you gotta do the extra. That’s your business, right? Yeah. Push yourself, our coach people comfortable discussing strengths and weaknesses.

Yeah. They’re more comfortable than un-coachable people are, that’s for sure. Nobody likes to admit their weaknesses, but they’re okay with having a discussion about it. And seeing where they can improve. Like we mentioned earlier, they appreciate feedback. They appreciate you, you know, being able to point out things that might need a help that might need a little bit of tweaking and that is just part of part of the game. So yeah, they, they don’t mind discussing their strengths and don’t mind discussing weaknesses. And that’s just a sign of somebody who’s coachable.

So those are the kind of people that we don’t want to work with. Do coachable people play the blame game? I’m no, a coachable person doesn’t do that. That’s something for the unculturable person. They’re always looking for you know, whose fault it is that they didn’t get their, their all their calls in from the week.

They’re looking for why they can’t get a Google review, why they haven’t created any outlines or done any of the work that’s necessary in order to be successful. But people who are coachable, they are more, more than, than capable and comfortable, not playing blame. They take personal responsibility for not getting stuff done and they, they own it. Right?

Anybody who wants to be successful in business, you’re going to screw up, you’re going to fall behind and it’s up to you to just own it and correct it. That’s it.

What happens when you aren’t coachable? Well, when you’re not coachable, nothing changes. Nothing changes unless you change, unless you’re willing to put in the work and the effort in order to make your life better, nothing is going to change. That is a, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

And like we’ve, we’ve seen time and time again, as an Edmonton business coach, whether it’s with us personally or with other clients, if you don’t accept the coaching, if you don’t accept the, the criticism, if you don’t embrace the suck and just do the things that are hard, then your life will never change and you won’t reach those goals. I hate to break it to you, but I’m not here to give you a pacifier until everything’s going to be easy and you’ll be a millionaire overnight.

I’m here to tell you that business is hard. It’s a full contact sport and if you want to win, but your mouth garden and just go for it. One of the words that being a coachable person, rewards of being coachable are you change, you change inside, you change the amount of things that you’re able to do and the amount that you’re able to endure. And on the business side of things, if you’re able to do the work con, create the repeatable systems and schedules that are required to have a successful business, then you’re going to have time freedom and financial freedom, which is the reason you started your business in the first place. So that’s, that’s what I have today for you guys. Karen, anything else? Yeah. Nope. Great.

All right. We covered everything that I can. Thank you. Thanks so much for joining us today here at inspiring method marketing. We are the Edmonton business coach and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel like this video. Give us a comment. We would love to hear some feedback and we’ll talk to you on the next one. Hi.


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