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Edmonton Business Coach | Building Momentum in a Business

Edmonton Business Coach | Building Momentum in a Business

One of the most important ways for an entrepreneur to build the momentum in their business according to Edmonton business coach, is to ensure that all of the most important tasks get done consistently and regularly. One of the most important ways that this can get accomplished, is for an entrepreneur to create a time block to schedule where all of the most important tasks have a time devoted to them.

When entrepreneurs fall into the routine of just servicing their clients, some of the most important things that can help build a strong business often do not get accomplished, which puts an entrepreneur at risk. Therefore, by creating a schedule can help an entrepreneur ensure that all of the most important priorities are getting accomplished.

One of the reasons why some of these important tasks get accomplished, is because business owners tend to not realize how much time it takes to get them done. Things like administrative tasks are not even taking into consideration when a business owner starts their new business.

However, tasks like creating checklists and templates so that it becomes easier to scale your business up, accounting tasks, training staff are very important for an entrepreneur to spend time on, so that they can build a strong foundation for their business. If an entrepreneur thinks that they are going to be able to get these things accomplished in their free time, they might not realize how much time it actually takes, which will leave these tasks undone.

Another very important task for entrepreneurs to ensure that they have enough time for, is recruiting and training staff. Having a great team is vital to the success of the business, and not having the right staff is one of the top three reasons why businesses in Canada fail says Edmonton business coach. By not leaving enough time in their business to attract and train their staff, means that their staff is not improving, and they will be able to efficiently or effectively replace staff, or fill new positions as they come up.

One of the most important things for an entrepreneur to know says Edmonton business coach, is in order for an entrepreneur to get all of these tasks done, they need to work more than forty hours per week. There is no way that an entrepreneur can get all of these additional tasks done in addition to servicing their clients, and providing service to them.

Therefore, an entrepreneur should get used to the idea of working more than forty hours a week, typically by working longer days, and working six days a week instead of just five. In fact, Saturdays can become a great day for focused tasks, because many businesses are not servicing clients on that day.

By understanding early on in their business that an entrepreneur needs to take more time to focus on some of the most important tasks of the business, can help an entrepreneur create a realistic schedule, is going to allow them to not only provide the products and services to their clients that they are passionate about, but also get all the most important tasks done.

Edmonton business coach | building momentum in a business

Building momentum in a business says Edmonton business coach is simple, but many entrepreneurs tend to struggle with that, because they do not create a schedule in order to ensure that all the most important tasks get done consistently. It is very important that entrepreneurs set aside time in their schedule consistently to work on all of the most important tasks of the business, so that none of them get forgotten as the business grows.

One of the most important tasks of the business not only early on in the business, but for the life of the business is the sales and marketing.

Edmonton business coach says that many entrepreneurs are not paying enough time in their marketing, especially in the beginning, but one of the biggest mistakes that they also make is they do not focus on it consistently. The reason why, is as their company starts growing, they stop focusing on sales and marketing in order to focus on giving service to their customers, they lose momentum, and there sales starts to drop. Therefore, it is very important that an entrepreneur works on their sales and marketing consistently, even as they get busy so there business does not lose that forward growth.

Another important priority for entrepreneurs to do in order to keep their business growing, is by creating checklists and templates. The reason why, is these are going to be the systems that an entrepreneur puts in place in order to allow their business to scale up.

As they grow, they will need to have employees to work on all of the tasks that a business owner use do, and having those systems in place will allow the employees to take on the tasks seamlessly, so that the entrepreneur can focus on other priorities says Edmonton business coach.

It is also an extremely important that as a business grows, that an entrepreneurs taking the time to train their staff. It becomes more important the larger business grows that the continually improve their staff, so that they can get better at their job, exceed expectations help an entrepreneur growth business.

In addition to training staff, Edmonton business coach says that an entrepreneur also needs to ensure that they are recruiting staff on a regular basis, even if they do not have an immediate need. The reason for this is because an entrepreneur will never know when one of their staff members is going to leave, or when they will have an opening in their business because they have grown, and being able to fill that spot quickly, and with qualified staff as quickly as possible can help entrepreneurs maintain that momentum.

By understanding what the most important tasks are to help entrepreneur grow as well as continue growing is extremely important to help them build that forward momentum going to allow them to not only grow their business but continue to grow their business. Edmonton business coach says that this is key to building a strong business, is going to be able to give them long-term freedom for their future.

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