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Edmonton Business Coach | Build Your Business The Smart Way

Edmonton Business Coach | Build Your Business The Smart Way

Contact your Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching to learn how to build your business the smart way. Starting a business is not easy, but it is worth the effort.

A lot of business owners are under the assumption that starting a business is easy. They see a webinar online and believe the lies that the so-called guru tells them. They see the laptop lifestyle that is portrayed in these videos and lay down their money to get started in their business only to find out that it’s a lot harder than it looks.

Being an Edmonton business coach I see a lot of different business owners. Businesses range anywhere from construction to the medical field. We want to make sure that anyone who is starting a new business is not under the illusion that is going to be easy, or that it’s going to happen overnight.

Most businesses don’t start out really great. When you think about some of the household names that we use on a regular basis, such as, Walmart, Amazon, and others, they did not start out as multibillion dollar companies.

With the help of an Edmonton business coach, we will be able to help you develop a business that will not only create time freedom, but financial freedom. When your business is just starting out, it will not be amazing.

Developing systems and processes takes time. In most cases you have to mess up, and do things the wrong way before you learn how to do things to serve your customers better.

It’s not that you’re intentionally messing things up to make your customers life hard, it’s just you haven’t found that best way to do things yet.

In the beginning of any small business the owner of the business has to take the brunt of the work. Most of the time they have to be the ones to do the work, do the marketing, and all of the sales. This is a necessity only in the beginning stages of a small business.

As your company begins to grow, your been able to hire staff to take the positions that are necessary to provide high levels of service. You can hire salespeople, and front-line staff, to help you fulfil your promise to your customers.

The business owner needs to be involved in developing the systems and processes, as well as the marketing initiatives for the business. Marketing cannot be left to other people, especially in the beginning. You have to always be developing and perfecting your marketing systems until you can automate them.

It can take some time to get these marketing systems just right. Months or even years. The whole point developing great marketing systems is to help you grow your business, and serve more people. The number one reason that business owners attribute to failure is the lack of customers.

Because lack of customers is the number one reason why businesses fail, we want to help all small businesses in Edmonton to become successful.

Edmonton business coach | cash flow constraints

One of the biggest hurdles that some businesses encounter is cash flow problems. When people higher the Edmonton business coach, we understand that the number one reason for business failure is the inability to attract enough customers.

Not having enough customers means that you don’t have enough cash flow to support your business. If you cannot support your business, then all you’ve done is created a job for yourself at less than minimum-wage.

Contact the Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching and get a free one hour assessment. During this assessment we will discover what things are important to your business, and your life.

Not having enough sales contributes to a lack of cash flow, but sometimes having too many sales can be just as detrimental. Some businesses will oversell their products, and not be able to fulfil the orders on the other side of it. This means that all the bills come due, and payroll needs to be paid but there is not enough money coming in from the invoices that are due.

This is a very common occurrence in many small businesses and it causes a lot of undue stress on the owners, and small businesses often fail because of it.

We get asked often, as an Edmonton business coach, if they should hire an outside CEO to take over the operations of the company. A lot of businesses try to hire outside talent in order to create a winning business. What we have found is that any of the businesses that outperform the stock market over a long period of time, have promoted their top level CEOs from within.

Jim Collins in his book good to great outlines this in great detail. They did in-depth analysis of several companies over a long period of time that outperformed the stock market.

It takes a long time to develop strong leadership in your company. Sometimes it can take many years before you can see the fruits of your efforts. What is important for you to realize as a small business owner is that not everybody is going to understand everything that you’re trying to do in your business.

You know the reasons why you’re doing your business, and how you want every customer to receive your services and products, but your staff typically don’t. The only way to make sure that they understand fully what you are trying to accomplish is by having regular meetings with your staff.

Not only do you have to have regular meetings you have to have your vision, mission, and values posted in a visible spot in your place of business. By having these things posted where everybody can see them you can have more buy-in from your employees. And if you’re talking about the men your weekly meetings, then it is a constant reminder of how you want them to treat your customers.

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