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Edmonton Business Coach | Bring The Pain

Edmonton Business Coach | Bring The Pain

Starting a new business is hard, but it can be easier when you have an Edmonton business coach. Contact us at inspired method marketing and coaching to schedule a one hour free consultation with a business coach.

You can reach out to us by either pressing on the get started button and filling out the contact form, or you can call us at 780-937-2939. An Edmonton business coach will schedule a month of coaching services for only one dollar.

Inspired method marketing and coaching is different than other business coaches because we not only give you the strategies that you need to develop a winning business, we give you the marketing help and assistance that you need in order to execute on those strategies.

Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. Industry Canada states that 50% of businesses fail in year one, 30% failed by year two, and 50% failed by year five.

These are not fantastic statistics. When you look at Forbes, there numbers show that 90% of all business startups fail within 10 years. These are not great numbers. There are some reasons why businesses fail.

The number one reason that businesses fail is the inability to attract customers. A lot of small businesses assume that everybody is their ideal and likely customer. This can be further from the truth. When we are working with our Edmonton business coach clients, we work with them to discover who the number one buyer is for their products or services.

You cannot try to win everybody. It’s just too difficult, and too expensive. You have to appeal to a certain subset or niche that is ready willing and able to try your services. You want to win the hearts and minds of us more audience.

You can build a strong business with only 1% of your local market share. That is a massive amount of business, and will more than likely make you the most prosperous person in your family. You need help to do this so call us today at 780-937-2939.

Worklife balance is a myth. There is no such thing as having a perfectly balanced life. There’s always a trade-off when you’re wanting to do anything great. If you’re working out in the gym, you have to sacrifice sleep, and late-night pizzas if you want to develop a strong and healthy body.

Ice cream is one of the things you can have only on very rare occasions, not an every night event. In the same fashion, your business is going to require some sacrifice in order to become successful.

It’s going to require missing family events, waking up early, staying at work late. There is no such thing as success without sacrifice. There is no way that you can guarantee longevity of your business without sacrificing some time to develop systems.

Take some time right now to think about all the systems that are required to make your business run.

Edmonton business coach | create winning systems right now

Grading winning systems is what we do as your Edmonton business coach. We will help you determine the systems that are required to make your business more automated. You have to document every system that you are currently doing when delivering your products and services to clients.

Unless you are making the time to document the systems, while perfecting them, then you will never have a day off. It may seem cold and unnatural to write down your businesses systems. This is the key that makes any great business a great business.

Some business owners don’t write down their processes, or have a set schedule that they work off of. These are the kinds of people we like to call broke. You have to have a system for serving your customers.

Your business was designed to serve you, not for you to be a slave to it. If you want to work 90 hours a week, and never have a day off, then don’t write down your systems and processes.

If you are a diligent doer, and you want to have time and financial freedom, then get in touch with your Edmonton business coach today. Click on the get started button to schedule one month of business coaching and marketing help for only one dollar.

Life is better when you get help. This means developing a great team to help you. The fastest way to develop a good team is to embrace a group interview process.

The group interview process is how your Edmonton business coach builds their team. We want to see the most candidates in the least amount of time.

This is something that you should employee in your business today. Having the ability to answer everyone’s questions in a group atmosphere saves you valuable time that you can be using for other more important things.

There’s simply not enough hours in the week to meet with hundred people individually. When you add up all the time that is spent interviewing people, one higher can take up to 29 days. That is a long time to hire someone.

The worst part of this story is that that one person may not even work out. And you start the process all over again.

Starting a business is going take 10 times the effort that you ever thought it would be. Is not going to be an easy road that you’re travelling on my friend. You have to embrace the pain if you want to endure to the end.

The wonderful thing about sacrificing in the beginning, is that you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour in the end. When you have reliable people running your business without you, you get to enjoy vacations, times with family, and other things that you had always dreamed of.

You can have that all, you just have to sacrifice in order to receive it. As Zig Ziglar says – “there is no elevator to the top. You have to take the stairs”.

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