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Edmonton Business Coach | Beat Your Competition With SEO

Edmonton Business Coach | Beat Your Competition With SEO

Even new businesses can beat their competition through search engine optimization according to Edmonton business coach. If you’re looking for a new method of getting to the top of Google, you need to contact Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching at 780-937-2939. We’ll be glad to give you a free consultation, and if we are a right fit for you, we will put you on our calendar for four strategy sessions.

You will only pay one dollar for one month of premium business coaching and marketing help. It is up to us to show you how our system is different than everyone else, and help win.

Your Edmonton business coach is very passionate about helping small businesses to beat the odds. That’s why we have adopted what we consider the best possible system for search engine optimization.

What is search engine optimization? A brief explanation is simply this; following a certain set of rules for the most compliance with search engines. The goal being is for your website show up on the first page when a client is looking for information.

It sounds simple, but Google’s web crawlers have become quite complex in the information they’re looking for. In fact there are more than 200 different criteria that Google looks for when indexing new websites and pages.

When search was new, there were tricks that webmasters can use that helped website show up on page 1 easier. They simply floated a page full of keywords and made the page background the same colour as the text. This fooled Google’s crawlers for a while, but now Google is much more stringent on the criteria they’re looking for. It’s much more difficult to fool the WebCrawler than it used to be.

As an Edmonton business coach, we do not use any black hat search engine optimization tactics. We only use white hat strategies that work for any business. The very first thing that any small business must do is secure their Google my business listing.

This is free and is easy to set up for any legitimate business. On a Google my business listing you are able to post pictures, your address, phone number and multiple ways for customers to get in touch with you. This is one of the simplest ways to get started with a small business and begin creating your search engine optimization war chest.

The next step in the Google my business listing is making sure that you get the most five-star reviews from your customers. We have found that a lot of businesses ignore this step in the process. The reality is that most people are looking to Google as a word-of-mouth source of referrals. More people will trust review on Google than they will their own family.

If you think about your own behaviour, you know that you look at Google to see what their rating is before you visit a business. This is especially true with restaurants and other service businesses.

Edmonton business coach | it’s not enough to be average

The average business fails according to the Edmonton business coach. Did you know that 50% of all Canadian businesses fail within their first five years? This is a statistic that we want to change.

Our approach to helping businesses beat the odds failure is by helping them with search engine optimization. A lot of small businesses will get a website built for thousands of dollars with no thought as to search engine optimization.

Spending thousands of dollars on a website that shows up on page 10 of Google does the business owner no good.

Your website should be a source of incoming leads, and revenue. The only way to do this is by showing up on the first page of Google. Anything other than the first page will result in lacklustre performance.

For a website to be effective it must have the most HTML content. It’s not enough to just have a page with a handful of words on it, you must have at least a thousand words per page for it to be effective according to the Edmonton business coach.

Inspired method marketing and coaching is unique in its approach. The strategies and tactics used by inspired method are the same ones that the top search engine firms in the world use.

Having the most content is not easy, but if you continually build your website content over time, your competition will not be able to catch you. You have to ensure that your content has the right search terms that your ideal and likely customers are looking for.

An Edmonton business coach will help you determine which terms you should target. So the two things that you need to be sure of our the most content, and the most five-star Google reviews.

There are certain things that you cannot do to gather reviews. You’re not allowed to offer any free products or cash awards to get Google reviews from your clients. This goes against Google’s terms of service and your reviews will be wiped out.

You want to ensure you have the most objective Google reviews from your clients and customers. In the beginning, you may have to go off of character references to get the ball rolling.

This means that people you have done work for before starting your company efficiently, or people that can speak to your workmanship, character, or quality of products.

The biggest tip that we can give is simply this, ask for the reviews. If you don’t ask for an objective review, you will not receive one. The only reviews you will get by not asking are from angry people, or disgruntled employees. You may even get some from competitors who are jealous of your success. You don’t want this to drive your Google reviews.

It is in your best interest to take control of you online presence and reputation by getting objective Google reviews continuously.

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