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Edmonton Business Coach | Beat Your Competition With Reviews

Edmonton Business Coach | Beat Your Competition With Reviews

We often see, as the Edmonton business coach, that a lot of small businesses don’t have a lot of Google reviews. Many of them are focusing on reviews on other websites that don’t give you as much value as Google Docs. These website such as yelp, Yellow Pages, and other things that simply don’t carry the same weight as a Google review does.

This may be our opinion, we’ve seen time and time again that the businesses you have the most Google reviews tend to win.

If getting Google reviews is something that is difficult for you to get in your business, schedule a free consultation with the Edmonton business coach today. All you have to do is visit our website, inspired and leave your name, phone number, and email address will be able to schedule that consultation with you right away.

We currently have a no-brainer offer for every small business wants to take advantage of it. We will get 30 days of coaching help and marketing advice for only one dollar.

Why does the Edmonton business coach put so much emphasis on Google reviews? Well according to Forbes, 88% of people read reviews before making a buying decision. That’s right 88%. It’s so that is the majority of people are looking online before buying almost anything. It doesn’t have to be just which restaurant to go to, it can be bathroom supplies, a good electrician, or the dentist.

And we’ve also seen research showing that more and more older people, are using the Internet, and reviews to determine their buying decisions. So if you don’t have a Google my business listing set up for your business, I suggest to you to get started with that right now. Visit and fill out the form today. If you need help with this definitely give us a call at 780-937-2939 will be able to help you out with that.

The number of Google reviews that you need is also important. You can’t get by with just one or two reviews and think that people will click on your Google my business listing, or travel through to your website. The minimum number that we shoot for his 40. Research has shown that consumers expect business to have at least 40 Google reviews before they trust their star rating.

Has into business coach we also recommend people get as many five-star Google reviews as possible. In certain industries getting all five-star Google reviews is a little bit more difficult, that’s why you want to be actively pursuing Google reviews with all of your clients. Now 40 is only the beginning, you want to get as many as possible and never stop getting them for as long as you run your business.

Edmonton business coach you | won’t be on page 1 on day one

Today it is very common for businesses to have a website. But so many people don’t pay attention to their website. As Edmonton business coach, we see this all the time with small businesses. They set up a website and then don’t think about it after it’s launched. They have no idea where any leads are coming from, or if their website is even performing to bring them in any leads.

The only way that they use their website is to put their website on business cards, brochures, or in newspaper advertisements in hopes that people will visit their website. This is somewhat effective, because people do check out your website in order to see what you’re all about. They make buying decisions based on the content that they see on your homepage above the fold, and they also look at Google reviews.

It’s the advice we give to all of our clients as the Edmonton business coach is you want to get to page 1 of Google with your website. Getting to page 1 of Google is not an easy task. There are a lot of things that you need to consider in order to get your website onto page 1 of Google. You have to have the most Google reviews, it has to be mobile friendly, and needs to follow Google’s rules of canonical compliance, and you also need to have the most HTML content.

This is not for the faint of heart, this is a long-term commitment, and an ongoing task to get your website to page 1 of Google and to stay there. The Edmonton business coach can help you get your page to the top of Google, and stay there.

We will help you develop the most HTML content for your website out of any other business coaching company in Canada. There is nobody who uses our methods, and nobody who is willing to put in the work to make it happen. You need to take advantage of our no-brainer offer today. For 30 days you will get world-class business coaching, consulting, and marketing help.

It is our goal to help thousand businesses over the next five years to grow their businesses. We want to inspire businesses to tell their unique story an attractive raving fans. This is not an easy task, but it is the one we decided to take on. Your business is important to us so please give us a call at 780-937-2939.

We also use video to help our clients stand out from everybody else in their industry. Google is the number one search engine on the planet, and YouTube is the number two search engine on the planet. Anybody who is searching for information uses these two search engines. So if you’re not optimizing both of these to leverage your online presence, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. It started making videos today and forcing them to your website and all your social media.

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