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Edmonton Business Coach | Be Number One

Edmonton Business Coach | Be Number One

Being number one is important according to your Edmonton business coach. It is been said that the best place to hide a body is on page 2 of Google. This is a funny thing, but it’s got an element of truth to it. If your business website is found on page 2 of Google, it is more likely than not to never be found by your ideal and likely customer.

The first three positions on Google are the ones that get the lion’s share of the click through’s. It’s not the website that is the flashiest, has the best videos on their homepage, or anything of that nature. It must follow some simple yet important rules in order to win.

I’ve known businesses that create beautiful websites that are simply stunning in their creativity. The websites on page 10 of Google unfortunately don’t make any money. As an Edmonton business coach we would rather have a clients website be a little bit ugly but receive lots of clicks then be beautiful and irrelevant.

When you have a website that is in on page 1 of Google, it’s similar to having a billboard in the forest. Your out there, but nobody can find you or see your message. It’s important to get advice from the right type of Edmonton business coach.

We want to encourage you to call inspired method marketing and coaching and receive a month of business advice and marketing help for only one dollar. We will set up for weekly strategy sessions to help you get your business on the right path.

The easiest way for a business to begin getting noticed on search engine results is by setting up a Google my business listing. Once you have a fully optimized Google my business listing you must get the most five-star objective Google reviews from your clients.

There are some industries who don’t like doing this thinking that it will cheapen their profession. This is simply one of the silliest things that a professional could think. There are a lot of people who say they get most of their business by word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth in the 21st century is online.

According to Forbes 88% of people read reviews before buying anything. That is a huge number and to ignore that is simply ignorant. You need to do everything you can to get the most Google reviews in your industry, in your local area. If you are a franchise, every one of the cities you’re located in must have the most Google reviews for your particular business.

If you need some help at this reach out to Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching will be glad to show you how we do this, and give you the tools necessary to win.

There are more rules that must be obeyed when it comes to search engine optimization. It is simple, but it’s not easy. When thinking about dominating on Google, you have to prepare to win.

Edmonton business coach | Rise to the top

Your Edmonton business coach is there to discover your company’s hidden opportunities and lowest hanging fruit for quick growth. One of the easiest ways to get started capitalizing on that quick growth is by creating a Google my business listing.

Once you have a well optimized Google my business listing you have to focus on developing a Google compliant website. You want to make sure that Google is happy with your website which means it has to follow their rules for indexing on their search engine.

Indexing can be compared with a library. Things are organized by a set of criteria that when someone is looking for a particular topic or interest, Google will serve up the appropriate information the user puts into the search bar.

If you want your page to show up first, you have to have the most HTML content. It has to be rich content with the right keywords and the most written content. Google at the time of this writing can’t see pictures and understand video. What Google can interpret however is the written word. That is why your Edmonton business coach always suggest having at least a thousand words per page on your website

Some people want to do the minimum and only put a few hundred words per page, we however want to help our customers when for the long haul and always recommend a thousand words at least.

Being website compliant is very important to Google. Did you know there are more smart phones on planet Earth then there are people? That’s statistic is quite eye-opening and part of the reason why Google has shifted to a mobile first platform.

If your website is not easy to navigate on a smart phone, then Google penalizes those websites. They don’t come up on page 1 as easily as a website that is more mobile friendly.

Another criteria for websites is that they follow Google’s canonical compliance. The best way to do this is by creating your website on WordPress and using Yost to remain compliant with Google’s search engine indexing rules.

Website must have the right headings, titles, and descriptions for Google to rank them properly. It’s not enough to just have a website, you must have the right website, with plenty of content in order to win.

When you’re looking for help with search engine optimization reach out to the Edmonton business coach at inspired method marketing and coaching. We will systematically enhance each aspect of your business to greatly reduce cost and dramatically increase profits.

By having the help of inspired method marketing and coaching we will enhance both cash flow and workflow of your business for the best results possible. Our plan is to help Canadian businesses beat the odds of failure.

You have nothing to lose by calling us and scheduling a free consultation. In fact, for only one Canadian dollar you will receive a month of business coaching and marketing help. Call today.

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