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Edmonton Business Coach | Be A Lifelong Learner

Edmonton Business Coach | Be A Lifelong Learner

Being a lifelong learner is very important to your Edmonton business coach. Business owners should be continuously learning and growing in order to stay ahead of the competition. There are a few things that business so there should be doing on a regular basis to continue their education.

One of the things that can be done to continue your education is listen to great podcast. There are so many great podcasts out there, that there is no reason that someone cannot be listening to a podcast on their daily commute. Every morning is when a business owner has time, or should make time, for learning and growing.

The reason why business owner should be continuously learning is so that they can stay on top of things in their business, like trends, like new sales opportunities, and other things. The danger of somebody not taking their lifelong learning seriously is that there competition may get ahead of them. If you are not taking a firm stance on committing yourself to growing learning and changing every single day, and your competition is, then you are going to fall behind in lose your competitive edge.

We have this discussion with our Edmonton business coach clients all the time. Once a business owner has committed himself or herself to lifelong learning, then you can find new ways to help your business to grow. It is up to the owner to find new and innovative ways to grow the business. This is not something that your employees are going to do automatically. Most of the time your employees will struggle with any new instructions or any new ways of doing business.

What a CEO or business owner has to do is create a rigid schedule to follow put lifelong learning or an education quotient into his schedule. It’s not easy, but it is very doable. When you call the Edmonton business coach, you can get a free consultation on how to create a schedule that works for you to grow your business.

If you call inspired method marketing and coaching right now we have a no-brainer offer open to every single business wants to take advantage of it. Simply go to our website and fill out the form. You can also reach us at 780-937-2939 and talk to one of our business coaches. The no-brainer offer right now is one month of business coaching for only one dollar.

Once a business owner has downloaded some new information into their brain, it is up to them to disseminate this info to their staff. The best and most efficient way to do this is by holding a weekly staff training session. By meeting with your staff once a week it reinforces the knowledge in the mind of the business owner, and it also reinforces the importance of having a lifelong learning attitude for each of your employees. This is the only way to create a strong team.

Edmonton business coach | learning never stops

As an Edmonton business coach I will say that scheduling learning makes all the difference in your day, in your business, and ultimately your life. When you don’t schedule the learning into your timeframe into blocks of time you end up being very distracted. Have you ever heard of shiny object syndrome? It’s a real thing. It’s actually something that most of us struggle with.

So as an Edmonton business coach I describe the shiny object syndrome as you working on something or learning something and then something else that is kind of unrelated pulls you away because it seems interesting or it’s just distracting. The way to get around this distraction, or this shiny object is to put blinders on. So to combat this distraction or some shiny object syndrome schedule your learning in every day by actually writing it in on your calendar. When you do this you are sure to accomplish the goal of learning something new or going deeper with their learning something you might already know a little bit about.

Now to take this one step further it’s important to schedule the time to pass along the knowledge and the learning that you partaken in to your staff. Again, if you don’t schedule it in its and likely to get forgotten or not prioritized. As an Edmonton business coach we consistently schedule in our learning on a daily basis. Then as we learn new things or go deeper in our knowledge of things we might already know we pass along that information to our clients and to our employees.

How can the staff know what is expected of them or schedule in learning into their day without having an example set for them. This example is always learn from the top down. What the CEO does or the boss does or the employer does is generally what the employees will do. So if you schedule in learning as a regular part of the calendar your employees will learn to expect it and they will thrive by adding learning into their day.

As you learn it’s important that you apply the things that you’ve learned into your practice and or business. It’s best if you make incremental changes for not only your sake and your sanity but for the sake of your employees. If you try to make sweeping radical changes it’s likely things will go wrong and mistakes will be made. The best practice is to make small changes just like you would make a small change in the direction of a boat if you’re up on the ocean and you are steering about you would not want to make a 180 degree turn. You would want to make small turn so that you don’t capsize. It’s kind of similar in a business. As you make these smaller changes you can track how things are going. What gets measured gets results. Results are what we are all after in business.

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