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Edmonton Business Coach | Acquiring Talent

Edmonton Business Coach | Acquiring Talent

At inspired method, we are dedicated to being the best Edmonton business coach we can be. This means teaching you are methods for how we do business.

The number 168 it is most important number in business because that is the number of hours in any week. This applies to everyone everywhere. No matter what type business you’re in your limited by this and you will achieve success by taking full advantage of this time.

Group interview is always superior to a one-on-one interview. One-on-one interviews you will inevitably spend a significant amount of time spread between all candidates answering the same questions and saying the same things.

In a group interview you can anticipate which questions will be asked, and prepare for them. Also in an interview or person asked question you can be sure that most people will have that same question. In a group setting, when the questions asked is can be answered for everyone without taking up extra time.

If you’re saving this time doing group interviews and your competition is not you automatically have an advantage over them.

With the group interview is always important to be firm on the start time because this allows you to weed out candidates that are not disciplined enough and do not show enough interest in your organization to even arrive on time. A firm start time sets a precedent for what you expect from them.

Being flexible when arranging an interview time can be seen as false advertising because it gives possible candidates a false impression of how your business is run. It can lead them to believe that but you have no interest in diligence and you don’t you don’t expect them to meet the requirements of the job.

To set an example as an Edmonton business coach, we review the ad at the beginning of the interview reminds the candidates why they applied to the job. This where there are no false impressions of what you expect from them its reminder of exactly what the job is and allows you to discuss how it will be done.

When interviewing for an Edmonton business coach we make our vision very clear during the group interview. You want candidates that align with your mission and your values so you must make them clear. This allows you to choose candidates that share your vision and your values, and ensure that you find people who are good fit for your company.

All polarizing values are beneficial because it allows you to see who will fit well and who will not, with your mission. You want to make sure you have the best people on your team.

You want a tree give people a chance to ask questions during the group interview. We like to have people question during the group interview so that everybody can hear the benefit of the answers.

There’s only one question that we like to ask our potential employees. Why do you want to work here? By asking this question we can find out very quickly if someone is going to be a good fit for a business or not.

Edmonton business coach | talent is in everything

You should definitely have a group interview process just like an Edmonton business coach. At inspired method marketing and coaching, we have a group interview process that saves us hundreds of hours per year.

Rather than doing one-on-one interviews with potential employees, we have a group interview process that works wonders for our HR. Were not spending multiple hours reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, and then finding out people are not the right fit for our business.

We have a precise start time for a group interviews on a weekly basis. By setting up a habit in our Edmonton business coach firm, we can see more people in a year than the average small business. Getting good people is a numbers game.

The more people you see, the more likelihood you’re going to find the right candidates for your business. You’re not looking for B or C players, you’re looking for A players. The only way to get A players is to see a lot of people.

Before we start any group interview it’s important to go over the advertisement that you put out for the job. This ensures that you have the right people in the right place. Being an Edmonton business coach, this is a common practice that we have adopted and it saves us a lot of time and frustration.

We want to ensure that people are not wasting their time in our troop interview. We also have a very set time when we start our interviews. At the strike of 5 PM we lock the doors. It’s a pretty telling story when people come knocking on the door at 5:01 and we do not let them in. They’re always welcome to come back, but we do not allow people to come into our group interviews late.

The other thing that we do is we review our company problem, vision, mission, and values. By so doing we know that we got the right people in the right place. Were looking for people who want to join our organization. Not just get a job.

It’s always good that you have very polarizing company values. You don’t want to be middle-of-the-road here. You want to ensure that either people love you, or hate you. When people say yes to coming to a job shadow, it has to be a heck yes, or a heck no.

There’s only one question that we ask in the interview. The question is why do you want to work here? By asking why you want to work here, we can see if people’s motivations are strictly to get a job, or if they have a passion for helping businesses to succeed.

Depending on what business you’re in, that matters little. When you ask people that question, you will learn right away what their motivation for being at the interview is.

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