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Edmonton Business Coach | Don’t Build a Website Until You Do This

Edmonton Business Coach | Don't Build a Website Until You Do This

Welcome back to the Inspired Method Marketing & Coaching on YouTube. We are your Edmonton business coach. My name’s Karen. This is my husband, Trevor, and today we’re going to talk about don’t build a website until you do this. Stop what you’re doing. Don’t build it.

Seth Godin says you’re not running around grabbing every conceivable lock to try out your key. Instead you’re finding people the lock and since you are curious about their dreams and desires, you will create a key just for them. Only though they’ll happily trade attention for it.

We liked that quote. We’ve used it a few times. YouTube is the second largest search engine and only 9% of businesses are on YouTube. What huge room for opportunity. Oh totally. I was thinking what a wasted opportunity.

Exactly. So lots of business owners think that by building a website customers will magically start pouring in, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. No Edmonton business coach, I was laughing when we started because I read the first question and it’s kind of a funny question. I have a picture that runs through my mind when I hear this question, but where is the number one place to hide a body?

The best place to hide a body is on page two of Google. That’s, that’s it. I know. I love that one. And it’s true. I mean you think of when people are searching for anything or one year searching for something. Do you ever go to page two? Not usually. Nope.

The top three spots, top three organic listings get the most clicks. They get over 85% of all the clicks, positions one, two, and three. So if you’re not on page one, you’re probably not getting the clicks. So yeah, and the reasons for that, number one is the person searching probably found what they were searching for, hopefully and second road, their attention span is not that long. They don’t want to scroll through pages and pages unless they haven’t found what they’re looking for. That’s right. Usually they give up.

The credibility goes down. Actually in my mind it always has. If I’m doing a search and it’s like I have to go through page after page, I’m already thinking this is not really what I’m going to be looking for and I’d already discount what I find. That’s what goes through my mind psychologically.

So will a brand new website show up on page one of Google as soon as it goes live, Edmonton business coach?

Absolutely not. No it will not. So getting to page one of Google, it takes effort, takes time, takes energy and you know, just putting your website out there doesn’t mean anything when it comes to ranking. Unless somebody knows your exact web address or if they found you through a Google my business listing and they click the website button, you’re not going to be found plain and simple unless they go directly to your site, you, they will not find you in a search engine result.

Absolutely not.

How likely is it that your Google my business listing shows up on page one?

Oh man, that’s going to show up immediately because when people are searching for a plumber or searching for a bakery near them or something in their town, when you have a Google my business listing in your local area with your address on it and it’s filled out well and you’ve got some reviews, then you know that is going to show up on the first page. And that’s what Google is trying to do is help people find local businesses and be a relevant place for search. That’s why we tell our Edmonton business coach team the importance of a Google my business listing.

You have to give what people want and stay being what people want to keep people using your service. Yeah. Bottom line. So they’re good. So if you work with Google by doing all the things that they want you to do, they’re going to give you that favor of putting you at, you know, talk with the page. Page one.

 So, Edmonton business coach, what percentage of people look at Google reviews before making a purchase?

People who look at Google reviews before buying is in the high eighties, high nineties so or low nineties percentile as far as looking for reviews, it’s just a fact. Um, I think it was one of the videos we did prior, um, for word of mouth referrals and 92% rely on that. So because things have changed a lot, we have the internet, we have Google, we have different search engines. People are looking to reviews online to see what other people’s experiences with that company were because then they can gauge for themselves should I risk it, should I try them out? Should I go visit that restaurant? Right. And that’s, that’s how people are going to judge you is based on the reviews that they find on Google mainly.

It’s amazing how life has changed though because obviously before the dawn of the Internet, we relied on our human connections, like are in real life connections to give us that information. And now we’re a little bit more disconnected that way because just the way the nature of how we are now that we rely on those online friends to tell us what that business is like. Just ran through my mind how, how much things have changed and how important it is to be an Edmonton business coach.

So does that percentage change much for leads from referrals now that we’ve talked about it?

Well, no, not really. I mean a lot of people who are looking for leads online, that is that it’s a high of people looking at the, at the reviews. So if you’re a small business and you are looking for more customers and you want them to come in or call or email or submit a form, um, people are looking at those reviews and it’s just a matter of fact. And if you aren’t doing that in, in pursuing your customers and people in your social circle to help you and get those reviews posted on your Google my business listing, then um, that that will weigh on whether a lead decides to, uh, pursue going further and clicking onto your website. So it’s definitely a factor in everything. Yeah.

What is a good target to aim for social proof and SEO?

The amount of reviews you should get is 40. We tell our Edmonton business coach clients that’s the target that we want to shoot for because then it gives you some love with Google and they look at you as a real legitimate business and you’ll get more better SEO value. You’ll show up on the search engine maps page a lot more prevalent in your area. And when it comes to your score for Pay Per click advertising, your costs are going to go down because they’re going to show your ad more often and better places. True

Will a Google my business listing with 40 reviews outperform a new website, Edmonton business coach?

Yes, 100% every time because it’s there like your listing is there, your address, phone number, contact information. Um, it’s going to show up on that page. So you should definitely invest in, invest a little bit of time to making sure you have that Google my business listing. Even if you have a new website, the website is not going to perform anywhere near as well as your Google my business listing. Yup.

How effective are Google ads before getting those 40 Google reviews?

They are not nearly as effective as we mentioned earlier. As uh, let’s say someone who has a brand new website, brand new, Google my business listing. When you get to that 40, it changes dramatically from zero to 40. Okay. Number one, people who see your ad and then they click on you and you’ve gotten you new, not very many reviews. It weighs there. There’s a weight there, right? So if they see your ad and you’ve got, you know, one review and then the next ad below it is a, and they’ve got 30 ads or 30 reviews, sorry, on their ad, they’re going to get the click and not you. So that all makes a difference. So you’re paying for that placement, but then nothing is happening with it. So your costs go up because your clicks are goal are, are not as, as prevalent.

So it just makes more sense to get at least to 40 before you start paying for those ads , right Edmonton business coach. Yup. Okay.

Writing words, like I just wrote a report yesterday and it was over the weekend and it was 3000 at least 3000 words and it took a long time. Are you serious about writing 6,000 words for a website before you even launch it?

Yes. You must be a great writer. Yes. I’m not a great writer, but you are. I know what it takes. Yeah. Um, because the more content, the more relevant content to your ideal likely buyers speaking on the subject that you say you’re an expert on. So if you’re a plumber in your local area and you’re talking about plumbing things and you’re talking about your team talking about why people should choose you and, and you know, expanding that out, you’re seen as that subject matter expert by Google and that is just going to help you with search engine results. If you want to win on Google, you just have to do, oh, Google says do Google says and do more than what your competitors are doing. That’s right.

Edmonton business coach, why do you ask clients to make 14 – 10 minute videos before the website’s even built?

Well, the whole point of that is so that we can start publishing new information on a weekly basis. So really you’ve got 14 weeks worth of content ready to go and update on your, on your blog page. Yup. That’s why got it.

The work there, but there’s so much that can be done before the website’s ready to launch that really, there’s no reason to not get going. So yeah. All right. Thanks for joining us today here at inspired method marketing on YouTube. You’re Edmonton business coach. We’re so glad you joined us. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel like the video. Give us a comment, thumbs up, whatever you want to do there, and we’ll see you guys next time.


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